Non stop

The kids are now out of school and counting down the days until camp starts! They have been trying to stay busy 

Reading books in the barn

Helping move birds to the next area

And visiting Boston for the first time. 

We had a took a bus Sunday afternoon and spent the day exploring, that evening a child who claimed she could not swim without a life jacket, spent three hours in a pool after realizing, she could indeed swim without a life jacket! 

Monday we spent the day at the Boston aquarium,  before catching a bus back home. A short but packed full of fun visit!

We came home to a wonderful unexpected surprise

I thought it would be at least a year before the plants had fruit but lo and behold!

We have lots of yummy foods popping up!

I’ve been revamping my craft room, Toph put a new shelf down there for my fabric, which turned into a big purge. 

Most of this fabric has found new homes, though it’s nice to start almost from scratch.

I still have a ways to go, but I feel like it has helped me a lot. Sometimes I get in a funk and I just don’t want to craft at all, purging definitely helped and now I am crossing my fingers for a nice rainy day…an excuse to stay inside and knit or crochet or sew as much as I want.

Have a great day folks!

Craft fair fun

Today was the day of the long awaited craft fair and boy did we have fun! As of last night I had 8 skeins of yarn

Not as many hats as I was hoping to have done, but I didn’t sell them all anyway so I don’t really mind. I also had a few crowns I made over the last couple of days 

I finished the scarf for the silent auction and was pleased with the outcome, I found that it worked up fast!!

This was our table before our other friend arrived, we had a good spot, right in front of the food & coffee. We had a steady supply of passerbyers.

These next pictures are courtesy of my best friend who did the craft fair with me, these are items she had made

She did all the chalkboard signs as well.

I sold a crown and two of these hats

I have plenty of items leftover for the next craft fair that happens at the end of the month that my friend and I decided to sign up for on a whim!!
Have a nice night folks!!

Making headway

I’m happy to say that even though I have been having issues with pain in my hands and my ball winder calling it quits, I’m back on track! 

I was able to untangle and save most of the Seawool today 

Finished spinning and plying the other half of my coopworth (I have yet to count the yards)

Started seasilk

And have gathered my other skien soft yarn together to get ready for the fair

With all the rain we will be getting this week, I feel like I could knock out two or three more skeins!

Have a great night folks!


You know the drill I’ve been busy, I’m always busy, what’s new?!

We have been digging in the garden, putting in plants only to have the wind destroy half of them 😭

(Picture courtesy of my MIL)

Some of us have already harvested some crops

Before school, after school, all weekend long, the kids have been devouring the wild strawberries

We finally put the laying hens out…& they stayed just like this for twenty minutes, birds were sick of waiting and started to fly over the mass of birds just standing there. 

Yesterday was my last day at quilting as summer vacations is starting up, I’ve finished three quilt tops since my last post

I call this my anxiety quilt, I’m happy to have it finished. Amount of anxiety attacks I’ve had since I’ve finished this quilt? 0

On the 25th of this month, our guild will take part in a celebration in our town and we will have some quilts up for sale.

One of the ladies in my quilting group gifted me with a quilting loom, I am excited to try it out this summer and go back to quilting in the fall with a little more skill.

The merino has finally dried out, but will soon enough need to be washed just a bit more, as there’s too much lanolin to run through the drum carder. 

What though what has been run through the drum carder has turned into 188 yards of beautiful blue faced leicster 

I’ve never before spin yarn so consistently, as much as I want a new sewing machine, I’m secretly hoping that this skein doesn’t sell at the craft fair. The rest yes, but not this one lol.

I have four hats almost ready for the craft fair this coming August, it’s amazing what you can get done in a garage waiting room when your oil change takes slightly longer than expected, not due to the mechanic but sometimes things happen and you just have to roll with the punches. 

Graduation season is among us, a few weeks ago my 17 year old handsome nephew graduated in Georgia & this past Saturday my beautiful 17 year old niece graduated as well. We brought noise makers, wore silly hats, & it turned out to be quite the event, lots of fireworks. I’m so proud of both my niece and nephew and to all the seniors who graduated in the class of 2016. I wish you all the success in the world. 

Have a great day folks!

Go go go

Time is flying these days, when I’m not on the go, this spoiled furry princess is commanding my attention 

Including the exact moment (that picture was 90 seconds old when I started writing this)

We have even MORE babies keeping us on our toes 

The free unsexed Rhode Island Red chicks we got with our order

Rhode Island reds and barred rock ladies 
Our beautiful ducks, which has become an absolute favorite in our house, they are Golden 300 hybrid layer ducks.

They are super loveable

I took the plunge and signed up for the craft fair in August, I’m going to sell yarn and what not which means I need to work my behind off.

I already have one item ready to go 

This beautiful Ashland bay silk & merino yarn, spun up from fiber I got forever ago, yarn I started ages ago. 191 yards. I have more of the same fiber to spin up and I need a warm day to go card more fiber to spin.

When that warm day will happen, I’m not sure. You see this was exactly a week ago.

My kids had no desire to help me, I bribed Leif just to come hang outside with me while I built the chicken and the pig (that looks more like my sisters pitbull lol). Since then we’ve had very few warm days and it has been steadily raining since my birthday party on Sunday. 

Yep, yesterday I completed a trip a round the Sun and I’m ready for trip 32! My “party” was super de duper small but I had fun decorating 

I LOVE Gilmore girls, can you tell?! Don’t mind that some signs are super uneven, those were made at around 11:30 the previous night. Way past my bedtime.

I spent my birthday working on a strip quilt, which may or may not have cause my anxiety attack yesterday

No seriously, the color combinations were not doing it for me, but someone had to do it. Three more rows to go.

Well folks, I’m gonna go hang out with my feather friends and work on some projects for the fair. Have a great day!!! 

Free time

School started last week and I have suddenly found myself with spare time to work on projects. Lorelai decided she wanted to test out the public school waters again, Leif decided that he was having more fun acting like he had eaten a bag of sugar, rather than working with me on well…anything really, so we thought he might also do better in a classroom. So now, the house is a bit quieter and while Toph told me he would walk all over the floors after I just washed them, and every once in awhile will scream “Get out of my room” from his office, I still find the silence to be a bit lonely.

However as I said, after all the cleaning is done for the day, I am able to sit down and work on projects. For example, I had started to crochet a Hobbes a few months back. apparently I had decided to do my own weird crochet stitch and forgotten what I did, so I started another Hobbes, a knitted Hobbes this time.

IMG_1801 IMG_1853 IMG_1972

I was really excited that I was able to figure out the feet! I have trouble with socks, but this has been knit with the turkish cast on and was very easy.

I also started the Virus Shall, I keep seeing it everywhere and my mind wouldn’t let me concentrate on anything until I gave it a try.


I’m actually two rows further than I was when this picture was taken, however I had to wipe my phone to prepare it to be sent off to Apple to go get a new battery and to get the sleep/off button replaced.

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a dye day workshop with Carol Felice at the Remick Museum in Tamworth NH, if you live in or are visiting New England it is worth a trip to go check the museum out!


We went out into the gardens and picked Goldenrod, Amaranth, and Marguerite. We used those flowers along with the goldenrod leaves, hollyhock, and marigolds to dye skeins and rovings of Navajo Churro wool.

The results were lovely


l-r Goldenrod leaves, Amaranth, Marguerite, Hollyhock (gray and blue), Goldenrod flowers, and Marigold (orange ball of yarn).


It was a long fun day and worth the drive!

Now folks from my new office


I hope you all have a great day!!

Procrastination station

Hello friends, let me introduce you to my life long friend, procrastionstion. While procrastionstion has been busy keeping me from working in Hobbes, it has in the last week allowed me to start and complete a few other projects.



Though this one is supposedly for sizes newborn to three months, and I used a bigger hook than what it called for, I’m pretty close to calling bs on the sizing. So I held a contest on my regular Facebook page, people with babies newborn to zero ahem Three months entered and it will be heading out hopefully tomorrow (we’re once again sick, so that is a big hopefully.)
I also made my first crochet flower button

And for my final trick, I started the Dragon Watcher’s Hood from Tiny Owl Knits. Using this beautiful warm wool yarn that was part of a package of goodies sent to me from Alaska from my second cousin.

At first I had a small issue with the pattern that stumped even Stephanie (TOK),

But as it turns out, if a pattern change happens and it’s not in bold, then it doesn’t catch my eye.

However, after taking all the stitches out all the way down to the brim sigh I managed in two days to finish the hood, and now all that is left is to knit the two Icords, add bells, and sew them on.


I was hoping to get the icords done tomorrow on our next house viewing adventure, but alas I am going to stay home with the wee sick children and Toph will head on out his own, in search of our farm.
Have a nice day folks!!!

I know why silk yarn is expensive

It’s because it’s hard to ply 

I tried so hard not to waste any of it, but after thirty minutes of struggling, I lost about half a foot (finally untangled the part I cut after I finished plying)


14 wpi (wraps per inch), and the yardage is not long, about 47 yards. However I had a one oz roving, so the yardage isn’t surprising. 

The ears aren’t sewn on, but I swear they are the same size!!! Leif’s hobbes is finally looking like a tiger, and despite my sudden disinterest in anything to do with yarn this week, (it’s cold again, and I don’t want to remove myself from the confines of heavy blankets.), I will continue until this project is complete.

Yesterday we looked at farms, only two stood out, but alas one was in need of a big upgrade for heating issues, so that leaves us with our front runner (for now, looking at a few more next week). So folks of NH, if this fireplace looks familiar  


Congratulations, we are seriously considering making you an offer on your beautiful home (also, I saw a gray dear while walking the property, I’ve never before seen a gray deer!). If this your farm is for sale, and this isn’t it, fear not we are still checking out a few other options before we make our final decision. 
Have a nice day folks!!

Calvin and Hobbes

Leif has become pretty obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes lately, we read it before bed and when I go to wake him up in the morning I will find him passed out with a book next to his head. It’s cute really, and after reading the Pigeon Books by Mo Williems, every night for three months straight (No complaints Mo, we love your books), he decided that it was time to move on to a book that he couldn’t recite in a drop of a hat.

Yesterday, Leif informed us that from now on he would only be answering to Calvin and let me know he was in need of a Hobbes. As painting that cat orange with black strips was out of the question, I went on a yarn hunt in every yarn stash in my house

Don’t judge me.

After a long search, I finally found the perfect colors, which leads me to today. 

In between cough marathons, fits of sneezing, and the ache that is going on in my back after accidentally being kicked by a five year old this morning, I have been able to start the body of “Calvin’s” friend Hobbes….or should I safe Leif’s friend, as Leif has decided that he doesn’t really care much for Calvin anyhow.

Have a great day folks!!


A week before Mother’s Day, I got a scratch ticket from Joann fabrics, I was excited to see that my prize was 60% off! I knew exactly what I wanted to get, a ball winder. The day before I got this fantastic tool, one of the ladies in my spinning guild taught me how to use my ball winder to ply, today I finally got to test it out.

I wound it up right off the spool, seemed to be the easiest way.

I had about 3-4 inches loose in the beginning to start to ply with.

See all nice and no issues what so ever.

It makes plying a breeze


Unfortunately it was too thing for the project I wanted to use it for so I thought, hey, I’ll ply it again. I looked it up and the directions seemed easy enough, just ply in the opposite direction of the way I just plyed. Well I was exhausted, two minutes after i started the phone rang and then three minutes later while still on the phone and plying there was a knock at the door, and my brain couldn’t seem to remember which way the wheel needed to spin and well now I have a mess that WILL get fixed. I made myself signs for future reference


Have a nice night folks!