Late winter funk

They say time gets away from us all at one point or another, and that certainly holds true for myself this past week. Again we’ve had issues with freezing pipes, then pipes that lead to my washing machine being cut when my landlord attempted to fix the other pipes. Followed up with a little bit of winter funk due to the lack of sun, which I managed to finally get past with a couple drops of vitamin D.

I managed to get very little done this week, I added the lining to the top of my dress…though I may have messed up a little in my hurry to use adhesive tape instead on part of the dress sigh, luckily, I think I have enough fabric left to fix this problem, always buy an extra half yard folks!!

I’ve also been spinning up the stunning mulberry silk I purchased from Silk and Shine, all of the silk on her page looks amazing. I will certainly be purchasing more.

I’ve already come up with plans for this beautiful yarn!!

Have a nice night folks!

Ah ha! Moments

I have a confession, I love winter. There is nothing better then curling up in front of a wood stove with a cup of tea (or cocoa, or whatever you like to sip on on a cozy winter night, I don’t judge) an audio book, & knitting (or no knitting & a regular book). I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous that my friends & family up north have been getting snow, however we are expecting snow on Tuesday and I am thrilled!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t immediately rush out for decorations the day after Halloween, (you never take the lights down from the fireplace ,…hey those lights are pretty), but I do like a good Christmas movie & some nice Christmas music (preferably classic Christmas songs from when my grandparents were younger).

I have already planned out some Christmas knitting to hopefully have done by Christmas, I plan on working on things every night non stop. I want to finish Toph’s sweater, scarves, mitts, & a stuffed animal for each of the kids. I also have a scarf started for my mother in law and I will probably make one for my father in law & both of my parents as well.

I have also started making ornaments for the kids in my knitting class, I will post a picture after I finish them.

Speaking of kitting class, I have one girl in my knitting class who has been struggling with knitting for awhile. Over the last few classes we’ve managed to turn her “I can’t” into “I can”. The last class she easily picked up purling, I believe all of these girls are ready to start their scarfs! I’m going to pick an easier pattern and hand them out on Wednesday. I am very excited for them, it has been amazing to see their progress!

Have a nice night folks!

I’d like to point out, that while proof reading my entry,
My blog suggested that I read my entry entitled ‘Slacker’
…..think it’s trying to tell me something?!