Always Busy

I wish I could slow down time once in while so I could sit down and update here more often. I’m always on the go, only sitting down for meals, folding laundry, and reading a quick paragraph in a book before I fall asleep at night.

The garden has been keeping me busy, with the harvesting

And the canning

I have pickles, apple sauce, pie filling, stew starters, relish, and pasta sauce.

We’ve been talking about downsizing the garden, because it was really too much to handle and perhaps maybe having a small garden for us and not selling at farmers market is the way we need to do things right now.

We’ve also talked about downsizing on the amount of chickens we have, we sell to many different places but the stress of it all is getting to be a bit much (I displaced a rib last week). Maybe 30 backyard chickens instead of 200+ (anyone interested in buying some organic, pasture raised golden comets that just started laying?)

I am ready for winter, I am ready for slowing down, and I’m ready to spend more time playing with this little ball of fur.

I’m also ready for sheep 😂 I keep hearing my husband tell people that sheep will be next and I did find two FREE Icelandic sheep on Craigslist today.

Time will tell, I have the herding dog, so sheep are the next logical step right?!

Have a great day folks!

Color everywhere

Oh Mother Nature sure fooled us, with her warm sunny days melting all the snow. We were expecting rain today, but woke to a wintery mix.

The chickens don’t seem to mind the weather cooling off, the greenhouse is still warm believe it or not.

Ragnar is still walking around, keeping an eye on everyone to make sure all is in order.

His brother Bruce is soon in need of a new home

Too many roosters in this 50’x24′ winter home. Anyone need a good Easter egger Roo?! Free to a good home.

I’ve been playing more with the wool I dyed last Sunday, I had an idea yesterday morning and it stuck with me all day.

That is some angelina that was sent to me from Natalie Redding from Namaste Farms

Every single bobbin I own is claimed by one fiber or another, I simply couldn’t wait however and dug out a drop spindle

I hope to get a little more spun up this weekend.

Now for the last bit of color fro, my home to yours

Have a great weekend folks!

The de-stash continues

This project has been fun to work on, not all hats are getting finished but that’s what snowstorms and power outages are for right? To lounge around after chores are done. We have certainly have had our far share of snow storms and power outages over the last several months and we still have a few months of winter left.

I’ve been experimenting with dying more

Very much looking forward to finishing my current order so I can sit behind my spinning wheel again and spin up some luscious yarn to dye. Yarn stores are nice, but it is nice to be able to make your own unique color-way.

Speaking of orders

I am on a roll, five more to go!

Stay warm folks!

Preparing for the cold

The weather is growing colder every day, as we prepare for the winter months. Lots of harvesting and canning filling my days

Soups, jams, sauces, pickles, and jellies line the shelves in my basement, root vegetables are in the process of being stored away for eating over the long winter months, all except for the potatoes which will have to wait until I can find a way to rid of the yellow jackets nest resting in my potato rows. I experienced no less than five stings on Tuesday afternoon and the pain and swelling has only just ceased.

As of yesterday all the firewood has made its way into the house

This wood will warm us through the winter and help cook stews in cast iron pots over the kitchen fireplace.

And this yarn will keep me busy! A Michaels craft store has FINALLY opened near me and I went on a mini shopping spree the night of the “sneak peek” with the help up two 40% off coupons and one 20% off total purchase coupon. As if I didn’t have enough yarn, at least now I have the tea cakes I had been eyeing for sometime. I already finished a hat with one of the Caron Cupcakes.

Of course my favorite part of the winter is planning next years garden and talking about which animals will be making their way to our humble farm. Up next: cows and sheep!

Have a great evening folks!


I’ve been in one of those the last couple of weeks. I’ve been working on orders and more. I love Christmas but this year it has exhausted me. When I do dream at night, I dream about being exhausted.

We have had lots of snow and today is no different, we are expecting anywhere between 17″ – 24″ depending on which weather app or news site you look at. 

We had a good Christmas and have all been enjoying our gifts, especially myself.

I usually use the refillable cups, but my best friend send me this delicious coffee to go in my birthday cup! Any Gilmore Girls fans here?!

Though I am torn between this beautiful silk my MIL gifted me with 

and this set of bags made for us with our farm logo from my Inlaws

Here are a few things I’ve currently finished and one item I had hoped to have finished by now 

Yes I jumped on the messy bun hat board, I have four more I need to finish.

This was supposed to be gone forever ago, I now have the legs and arms sewn on. Hoping to get the tail and head sewn on tonight. 

Illness and exhaustion has kept me from finishing him. Here’s hoping.

Have a nice night folks!

Luck of the draw

It’s been awhile, I’m a jerk I know. Honestly I don’t know how other bloggers find the time to blog every day, I’m lucky if I can get a post in every week. Thank you for tolerating my lack of posts. 

So the powerball, woo wee what a rush. I usually never buy lottery tickets, but I was feeling lucky last week so I bought a few and you know what?! I won $14 how about that. I picked my own numbers and the first time I picked them I screwed up and thought “hey, maybe it was a lucky screw up”, so then I wrote them all out correctly and did another pick your own and  then let the computer pick. The first ticket I screwed up and the second ticket each had THREE of the numbers. I’m going to take that $14 and buy some baby chicks. I’m wild, I know lol. That’ll probably be the end of my powerball playing though.
The snow is finally here and with it comes new adventures. Lorelai is part of a ski program that happens once a week, I’ve signed up to be a volunteer and I’m actually having a lot of fun. First we tried cross country but there was a lot of falling, so we have switched to snow shoe. Just three kids in the group, myself, and another lady. We have also been snowshoeing on our property, where we have been finding a lot of tracks. 


No idea what this print is right here, I’ve never seen it before and for all I know an animal could have picked up its foot and set it back down again giving us six toes lol.

We have had a lot of deer action on the farm lately, chewing on the trees, the hedges outside our living room window, down by our brush pile. I found a deer bed while snowshoeing with Moose yesterday 

 Lorelai and I aren’t the only ones who have been testing out winter sports, Leif decided to give cross country skiing a try the other day, the skis are way to big but he enjoyed himself 

I did a little exploring this weekend, our property has two houses, the house we live in, and then an old house that is filled with black mold and needs to be gutted. I don’t often go into the other house because of the mold and when I have gone in, it is generally for five minutes at a time. It’s like a museum in there with all the items that have been left behind  

THIS was something I was not expecting, it was hidden away in a corner under old curtains, no idea if it works or not, but wow! A nice piece of history I’d say! I probably won’t go back in until spring when we gut the place, I hate to do it but it is a big hazard and it has to happen in order to make it not toxic.
Okay it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for (I think?!) craft time 🎉

Here are a few things I’ve been working on since the last time I posted

I FINALLY made a sock, my first successful sock!!! I am so excited & proud! 

I made a mitten, hoping to make a second after I finish Lorelai’s birthday present

I made a scarf! No pattern either! I just kind of did my own thing ( does this count as my first pattern?!) 

And I am currently working on a mermaid blanket which I am hoping to have finished by Saturday in time for Lorelai’s birthday party, her last year in the single digits (don’t mind that tear on my check I have allergies….)
Have a great day folks, see you next week….maybe 😉

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around

Hello from the warmth of my blanket cave

It is has been very, very cold here as of late ( -20 anyone?!), even with the heat on a pellet stove running, we’ve had a hard time getting the house to warm up above 63 degrees.

I’ll admit that the snow globe effect during a snowstorm is pretty, but my love affair with winter is over. For the first time in my almost 31 years of life, I am sick of snow. Maybe it is due to the crazy driving conditions that I have had no choice but to drive in, maybe it’s due to almost being hit by a plow truck yesterday morning (no offense plow truck drivers, but please don’t back up really fast if you see a car behind you. Incase you can’t see said car, the blaring of a horn should be an indication.)

I’ve been trying to brighten up the house in little ways, spring cleaning with lovely essential oils (lemon and orange yum!), looking at bright pastel Easter projects that I am hoping to start soon, sunflower table cloth.

One project I’ve been working on has helped warm my hands a bit. I’m a making a teddy bear for the son of my Bosom friend. He just turned a year old and had my sewing machine cooperated, it may have been finished in little to no time what-so-ever.

Cutting out the pattern pieces and the fabric wasn’t so bad, I found some lovely fleece left over from a project and found a pattern on Instructables


After pinning the pieces together, I ran into a small problem, one that would extend the length of this project. My sewing machine, does not like fleece. So I opted for hand sewing, I can do a mean back stitch which I find to be almost as good as using a sewing machine.

Day one went really well, until I realized that I sewed the ears on the wrong side of the face

Hmmmm that’s not right

Much better.


The night before the birthday party (day two) I had made a lot of progress and was feeling pretty good….until I noticed part of the leg had been sewed on backwards.

On the third day, I succeeded in finishing the lower half and stuffing the body, I have the head almost complete and will post pictures when it all sewed up and ready to go (better late than never)

Have a nice evening folks!!

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Late winter funk

They say time gets away from us all at one point or another, and that certainly holds true for myself this past week. Again we’ve had issues with freezing pipes, then pipes that lead to my washing machine being cut when my landlord attempted to fix the other pipes. Followed up with a little bit of winter funk due to the lack of sun, which I managed to finally get past with a couple drops of vitamin D.

I managed to get very little done this week, I added the lining to the top of my dress…though I may have messed up a little in my hurry to use adhesive tape instead on part of the dress sigh, luckily, I think I have enough fabric left to fix this problem, always buy an extra half yard folks!!

I’ve also been spinning up the stunning mulberry silk I purchased from Silk and Shine, all of the silk on her page looks amazing. I will certainly be purchasing more.

I’ve already come up with plans for this beautiful yarn!!

Have a nice night folks!

Ah ha! Moments

I have a confession, I love winter. There is nothing better then curling up in front of a wood stove with a cup of tea (or cocoa, or whatever you like to sip on on a cozy winter night, I don’t judge) an audio book, & knitting (or no knitting & a regular book). I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous that my friends & family up north have been getting snow, however we are expecting snow on Tuesday and I am thrilled!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t immediately rush out for decorations the day after Halloween, (you never take the lights down from the fireplace ,…hey those lights are pretty), but I do like a good Christmas movie & some nice Christmas music (preferably classic Christmas songs from when my grandparents were younger).

I have already planned out some Christmas knitting to hopefully have done by Christmas, I plan on working on things every night non stop. I want to finish Toph’s sweater, scarves, mitts, & a stuffed animal for each of the kids. I also have a scarf started for my mother in law and I will probably make one for my father in law & both of my parents as well.

I have also started making ornaments for the kids in my knitting class, I will post a picture after I finish them.

Speaking of kitting class, I have one girl in my knitting class who has been struggling with knitting for awhile. Over the last few classes we’ve managed to turn her “I can’t” into “I can”. The last class she easily picked up purling, I believe all of these girls are ready to start their scarfs! I’m going to pick an easier pattern and hand them out on Wednesday. I am very excited for them, it has been amazing to see their progress!

Have a nice night folks!

I’d like to point out, that while proof reading my entry,
My blog suggested that I read my entry entitled ‘Slacker’
…..think it’s trying to tell me something?!