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Happy blogiversary!!! Yes folks, it has been a year since I moved my blog over from blogspot to WordPress, and while I didn’t exactly stick with making my clothes for a whole year, the intentions were good and you folks keep coming back so… Continue Reading “Blogiversary!”

Everything changes

Well my friends two things have come to an end the last two days, and there are two more things that will be ending this week. First, I finished my Jane Austen dress with some slight modifications Appearances can be deceiving, I swear both… Continue Reading “Everything changes”


I had a meeting at the homestead today where I shall be working September-June. Everyone discussed what we would be doing, and when the kids would be coming, and how long to talk to each group. There will be five groups of kids each… Continue Reading “Weaving”


Last week I was informed that one of the semi-living museums down the road was looking for a weaver, I had never weaved before and although I wanted to learn, I certainly could not afford to purchase a loom to learn on. That is… Continue Reading “Weaving”