I’ve been everywhere

just realized some pictures are duplicated and out of order, forgive me. I updated from my phone, and will fix them tonight

Phew never ending, just got home from a trip to Ohio. Toph’s grandmother passed away last year and her house is being put on the market. So we drove over for one last family reunion, as chances are with starting a farm (sooner rather than later), we won’t be going anywhere far from home.

I’ll give you a quick update on the fiber I re-dyed, and then a picture of what I have been working on.

Dyeing with food coloring take two

The colors aren’t quite the same, but in the end it turns out that it didn’t matter


You see, I went into it all wrong, sure I read about dyeing with food coloring, but I didn’t read that parts where plant based fibers dye differently then animal fibers. I need acid based dyes, I don’t have any, however I do like the turn out of this (bamboo/silk/merino), so I think I’ll spin it and see what happens.

I may have mentioned on our last trip, that my husband’s driving scares me…okay well it’s the other drivers on the road that scare me, he just has a habit on getting on people’s butt when they cut is off.
To cope I made this









I LOVE knitting gloves, sure the middle finger is one stitch too wide oops, and the thumb is a little wonky, but this was fun. I overcame my fear that I would suck at knitting gloves! Now I have all these ideas for patterns running through my mind.

I checked my wool when I got home last night


Hello algae, you were not expected. After talking it over with one of my guild mentors & friend, The conclusion is that the algae arrived due to the translucent tub. I will use a different one next time.

Here are a few pictures from our trip! Only two more trips left (bachelorette party & a wedding) and then I can take a deep breath and spent the next several months at home.

Have a great day folks!!













Washing wool

When I started my blog over a year ago (the first year is on blog.com), I figured making my own clothes would entail buying fabric or yarn at the store and making items.

if your goal is take make your own clothes, you’re not doing such a hot job this year
Shut up I know
what happened to your so called ‘year of Jane Austen’
I still have time
no you don’t
Alright brain, can it.

I never imagined that I would be spinning wool to make clothes
What clothes?!

Any-who, I have to say that I love washing wool, not the length of time, but how my house smells of sheep when doing it.

This is wool I “cooked” yesterday….no it’s ok Stephanie over at Yarn Harlot said it was ok. Anyway, I “cooked” up two pounds of the white icelandic Shetland wool, 5oz of pygora, & some hog island sheep.

They are now currently in my sunroom drying out

Well, half if the icelandic is “cooking” again due to the lack of clear water.

Over the next two weeks I will be carding as much fiber as I can, I was informed by my husband that if I get all of the above carded and have time left over, he’ll buy me more fleece, what a guy!

Now I’ll leave you with a few pictures of what is going in around the farm.

Three chickens started laying eggs! (Sadly Lola was taken by a hawk last week, the ups and downs of free range:-/)

Robin has taken up a game of hide & seek, this where I found him this morning.


Have a great day folks!