Procrastination station

Hello friends, let me introduce you to my life long friend, procrastionstion. While procrastionstion has been busy keeping me from working in Hobbes, it has in the last week allowed me to start and complete a few other projects.



Though this one is supposedly for sizes newborn to three months, and I used a bigger hook than what it called for, I’m pretty close to calling bs on the sizing. So I held a contest on my regular Facebook page, people with babies newborn to zero ahem Three months entered and it will be heading out hopefully tomorrow (we’re once again sick, so that is a big hopefully.)
I also made my first crochet flower button

And for my final trick, I started the Dragon Watcher’s Hood from Tiny Owl Knits. Using this beautiful warm wool yarn that was part of a package of goodies sent to me from Alaska from my second cousin.

At first I had a small issue with the pattern that stumped even Stephanie (TOK),

But as it turns out, if a pattern change happens and it’s not in bold, then it doesn’t catch my eye.

However, after taking all the stitches out all the way down to the brim sigh I managed in two days to finish the hood, and now all that is left is to knit the two Icords, add bells, and sew them on.


I was hoping to get the icords done tomorrow on our next house viewing adventure, but alas I am going to stay home with the wee sick children and Toph will head on out his own, in search of our farm.
Have a nice day folks!!!

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

Yesterday, though the sky threatened rain, it was about 88 degrees. To clouds hid the sun for a good chunk of the day, but it was a really nice day regardless. Today though is quite the opposite, it’s cold and rainy, we actually have a fire going right now in the stove. A friend of mine just north of us had a dusting of snow. It was definitely a sweater and warm socks kind of day.

Speaking of sweaters

My brain won, I went back and took out several sections of cable rows, but it’s been fixed and now I won’t have to look at this partial sweater with disgust at myself.

Sunday is my last knitting class before we move, I’m really sad. This is a great group of woman/girls and its been so much fun to hang out with them and watch them learn and see the projects that they have made. I am making each of the girls a honeycomb for their beekeepers quilt (should they choose to make one)

I finished the first one last night, and almost halfway finished with the second.

Have a nice night folks!!

If it weren’t for rainstorms….

I’d never have a chance to sit down and write. Technically I should be folding laundry on this semi-stormy day, but I wanted to sit down and write a bit while I’m awake. I’ve been busy nonstop for the last couple of weeks, I got a chance to visit sheep shearing day at a farm not to far from here, they raise a cross of Romney, Border Leister, and Texel breeds. I managed to pick up several pounds (yes, you read that right) of wool


Right now it is packed away, awaiting our move. In a few weeks I will be able to break it out and start processing it!! I have plans for this lovely bit of wool which include maybe selling a pound of it, it also may or may not include a floor loom. I’ve got time to think it over.

Now before I continue I need nay, want to give a shout out to this awesome spa called Organical Botanical, I was able to go as a Mother’s Day present, I had been before but it is just an awesome place to be, the prices are incredible. When you walk in you get a peaceful sense of calm, the scents in the air are soothing and the entire atmosphere is just amazing.

These are the only items in our bathroom cabinet.
(I am in no way getting paid for this, I truly love this place), if you live near East Greenwich RI, I highly suggest checking it out!!

Our main reason for this trip was to go see Joel Salatin, however, it quickly got turned into a home school trip while planning it. It was nice to be able to travel with the kids and for them to see more of the country. We took an afternoon to visit Lancaster Pennsylvania and the kids were able to learn about the Amish lifestyle and took a tour of a replica of an Amish school/house.
They also got to visit Turkey Hill to see how ice cream is made (the factory way), and to make their own favors, “packages”,& “commercials”

My favorite part was the all you cold eat ice cream and all you could drink tea 😉

We took a drive on the Shenandoah skyline

20140526-124135.jpg we stopped for a bit to walk part of the Appalachian trail and the kids made fairy houses.
Now I am afraid of heights and my husband, while a good driver, still manages to scare me with his teasing, which is how the first honeycomb in my bee keepers quilt (another Tiny Owl Knits project) came to be

I didn’t have stuffing for it and forgot my crochet hook at home, but I think it turned out nicely.

We were able to take a tour of the Shenandoah Caverns as well, or as my kids called it, the bacon caverns

20140526-124849.jpg it was very beautiful inside and despite my fear of small spaces, I was able to see 95% of the cavern, while Toph assured me that the 5% I didn’t get to see would not have worked out too well for me.

We spent some time at the Frontier Culture Museum learning about people who came (or we forced over) to settle in America from Germany, Ireland, and England, and Africa and what their lives were life before coming over

We were invited to pick spinach from the garden with the ladies of the German house

Each house grows food related to the country that it is based upon. Most of the houses were taken down piece by piece and numbered and then shipped over to America and put back together.

After the Frontier museum, we finally got to our main destination Polyface Farm, it was exciting to be there and to hear all that Joel had to say (though Toph has read just about every single book Joel has written, so it was more just to be there then anything else).

They loved playing with the resident akbash


The tour was about two hours long, though we stayed long past that time to chat with Joel

Leif picked out a shirt and decided Lorelai needed the same.

We ended our day driving over the blue ridge parkway


Which again, was another nerve wracking drive and is how this honeycomb came to be.

We ended the educational part of our vacation with a trip to Jamestowne settlement



Last but not least, the kids did so well on the trip not complaining (well…they did, but not as much as we expected they would), that we ended our trip at Busch Gardens, where Lorelai got to see her latest animal obsession

20140526-132249.jpg a grey wolf

Have a great day folks!


Happy blogiversary!!! Yes folks, it has been a year since I moved my blog over from blogspot to WordPress, and while I didn’t exactly stick with making my clothes for a whole year, the intentions were good and you folks keep coming back so I must be doing something right!!

Here is a little year in review!

I learned to weave and I bought a spinning wheel

I made a Jane Austen inspired dress!

I sewed some Christmas presents, among a few other things

I got Carrick, my English angora. We had baby ducks born, and my husband learned to carve.


I attended a natural dye day with my guild (the very last picture on the bottom is my lot)

I spun up some nice yarn

I did a ton of canning

I went to Georgia and watched my cousin build her house…I held screws and got to use a mallet, but unlike my father, I am not a master carpenter.

All in all I am happy with the few things that I did get done, and will continue to knit, sew, attempt to crochet and of course continue on writing here. We are still searching for our forever home, a homestead to enjoy, raise animals, food, and our little family.

For those of you who keep coming back, you rock!! For you new readers, you rock as well! I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next year!!

Coming up soon: move number one of two! Our days at this house our growing shorter, we’ve run out of time to buy and will be renting elsewhere while we look for our dream home.

Thanks reading folks!!

Sunday funday

Sunday was a dreary rainy day, sure we had a bit of excitement in the morning when we awoke to the dining room floor covered with water. However the weather outside made us all feel tired and lazy.

I decided that I would get a jumpstart on packing my yarn (and posting my stash on my ravelry page)

As you can tell I have a little bit of a stash going on, and that is after donating a good chunk of it. I believe I only posted about 8 skeins of yarn before I ran into this

My project suddenly went from a fun “two hour” expedition to a nightmare, three quarters of the way through I caved and decided to cut ties literally , I broke out the scissors and had a field day. Much to my relief I only parted with a little bit of yarn, and as I took breaks every now and then to finish old projects


After about four hours, I had finally got everything all nice and tidy ready for the move

20140402-211610.jpg ahem…those are the bins of yarn I am not currently using…I have another bin full of everyday projects.

Speaking of projects another one?!, why yes, I did start another


I know what you’re thinking, those are weird looking socks…? nope, this is a Moonkoosa, and they are super cute and easy to make. You may recall that last fall Toph got me the knitting book Woodland Knits, well this pattern is from the same woman who created all the patterns in said book. I was perusing her site Tiny Owl Knits the other day and fell in love with the pattern. I think the hardest part of the pattern was the two days I debated over whether or not I should purchase the pattern, I wanted to but we all know that I suffer from a little thing called knitter ADD. I am almost finished with the first boot and will continue to show my progress.

We had our last scout meeting last night, it was a blast. We went to an aquarium and Lorelai was excited about getting to touch the critters, she even pet a SHARK. Ok so a tiny shark but how cool is that?!

Her favorite animal however was a tortoise named Darwin


Have a nice night folks!!