Baby it’s cold and wet outside

Hello folks! I hope you all had a good weekend, we had a nice Thanksgiving with a little snowfall ambiance outside, followed by freezing rain on Gilmore Girl Friday, sun for a couple of days and here we are back at freezing rain. 

Thanksgiving went very well, we had only three guests but that was enough for us because we have a small table and we all just barely fit!

Our very first thanksgiving turkey was about 13lbs dressed…which was slightly smaller than my friends 47lb bird. Though we had plenty of leftover so I think our bird…Pickles, as Leif had named him, was just the right size.

He was cooked on the grill, which has turned out to be our favorite way of cooking birds. He was very filling and tasty. Thank you Pickles.

I wrote before about falling off the Pinterest wagon, well I had found these two pies I wanted to try out…the following two pictures are NOT my pies

I think I did alright… at least on the pumpkin pie lol. The following pictures are mine, pre-oven for the Apple and middle of cooking for the pumpkin 

I didn’t nail it but that’s okay, they were both delicious, I was just happy to have a chance to wear my new apron which I purchased at the holiday craft fair from my quilting guild

We finally have all the parts of the greenhouse finished! Plastic is on, doors are built, nesting boxes are ready. We just need to clear the excess wood and get the chickens inside.

It’s hard to tell but we have deer mesh separating the chicken area and the area with the feed and atv 

Friday as I said we had our Gilmore Girls day! We don’t participate in Black Friday shopping, I live next to a super tourist town and a long time ago I worked at two different clothing stores in said town, I’ve dealt with a lot of chaos and rude customers, so I try to avoid shopping in town on Holidays & weekends. 

Instead Lorelai and I went to my in laws and had our day with my mother in law

Unhealthy food was involved, though it was mainly the vegetables as we were all too full from the previous night.

Now if you haven’t watched the new episodes yet never fear, I won’t give a thing away except to say this, I probably should not have allowed my almost ten year old to watch it. There was language in there that had no previously been in the series. We ended up taking a break to watch a Disney movie instead and gave in when she asked to go play a game on the computer. 

Well folks, I’m off to finish a couple of orders that will be heading out this week and next, I hope you are staying warm and safe wherever you are.
Have a great day folks!

The First Thanksgiving

I came down with a bug over the last couple of days, usually where I would normally contemplate avoiding housework in favor of playing with yarn or my new sewing machine, I spent the better part of two days asleep on my comfy couch,  not wanting to touch anything in the times I had been awake.

I did however fall off the Pinterest wagon, which was fantastic because for the first time I am in the position to host my first Thanksgiving dinner and while I will most likely fail at half of the ideas I fell in love with on Pinterest, I’ll have fun trying & I will take pictures along the way!

We are so very close to finishing the Greenhouse, we along with Toph’s parents have been working hard for weeks trying to finish it before snow. Although it has snowed several times, luckily it hasn’t stuck. 

We have however has time for a bit of fun

We take Halloween very seriously.

Now here is a project I have been working on for awhile (among the several orders I have been lucky enough to have gotten over the last couple of weeks)

I have a long way to go to finish this wonky stars quilt, my new machine has been so fantastic and the only issue I have was brought on by myself piecing things the wrong way. 

Have a great day folks!!

Over the river and through the woods

to grandfathers house we go. In reality, if we were to go to my grandfathers house for Thanksgiving, the song would be more like “200 miles over the highway and 5 hours of traffic, to grandfathers house we go”.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving then I hope you had a fantastic day all the same. Toph and I spent the day stacking the final two cords of wood that we ended up ordering. We ran out of room in the shed



And ended up having to stack the rest of the wood inside.

I made three pies

20131130-143609.jpg pumpkin, apple, & avocado and cooked my very first turkey. I’ll be kind and not post pictures as this was our homegrown turkey, and I know it can be a little sad to see pictures of a turkey you watched grow up to be on a platter ready to eat.

We had a good day, full of yummy food & lounging around. I ventured out Friday for all of ten minutes, I dropped off library books and then headed back home. I’m not big on crowds or stores, I’m big on sitting in front of the fire place, drinking tea, and making gifts.
I had time to work on the wellengang swell

Which is now halfway finished!

We’ve been busy the past week

We made some friends at the aquarium

Lost a couple teeth

Lorelai and I went on a tour to see what it was like for servants who worked in huge mansions during the gilded age.

I also tried in vain for a couple days to get Toph to agree to adopt one of these Great Pyrenees


Which can be found over at, he wouldn’t budge, he says when we own a house we will adopt but until then….I’ll keep bugging him. Moose needs a friend.

Big Fluffy Dogs is an amazing organization, they have saved so many dogs from high kill shelters, saved them from hoarding cases, and saved many abused & abandoned dogs. They have paid for many vet bills on their own dime. Please check them out!

Have a nice day folks!