Ramble ramble

Here I am, writing from my apparent permanent spot on the couch. Moose has been giving me evil eyes for the last two days, as if to say “That is where I lay when I think you guys aren’t looking, I want my spot back“, Well don’t worry one bit Moose, I’ve started eating the kids gummy vitamins, as well as making sure I stand in the sunlight for a couple of minutes every hour. I don’t want to be here anymore then you want me here jeeze.

One thing I have been able to accomplish on this “fun” little sickness vacation, is to finish chart 4 of the Min Ulla scarf

yeah….I see you got really far.
I’m hoping to finish chart number 5 by Friday & hopefully start cutting my regency dress!

I’ve also had success the last two days, making gluten free pancakes


And last night, gluten free pizza


Toph absolutely refuses to eat anything made with store bought gluten free flour, so I’ve been grinding up a lot of gluten free oatmeal. I wish I could say I measured how much I used, but the kids were trying to “help” me make dinner and I stopped counting because I’m sick and they were driving me batty. So I just poured flour in until it was dough like and thankfully it tasted pretty good, I’ll certainly write it down next time and post the recipe here.

The bright side of being sick

Lorelai finally found a book that peaked her interest, Under the lilacs by Louisa May Alcott. I borrowed this book from my grandmother when I was only a few years older then Lorelai.

Have a great day folks!

I don’t have time for this

I’m couch bound today, it’s not that I have the flu so much, I just have awful back pain with a bit of…never mind you don’t need hear details. There are pros and cons to not feeling well, the pros being that if some unsuspecting visitor were to stop by and see the piles of dishes on my counter, I have a good excuse, the downside is that I have now have a messy house.

Right now the cons out way the pros, sure I get to cuddle up and read knitting magazines

And dream about all the things I will, hopefully, maybe, one day knit. Then I start to think about the fiber & color I want to use to knit said item….then I go to

I’m not proud of what happened next….yeah, but you got good deals
Before I could talk myself out of it I started adding items to my cart, I then texted Toph, surly he would disapprove and remind me that I have a lot of wool left to spin in my craft room. However I didn’t say “I want to buy wool”, I said “I want to buy rovings, that have already been carded and are good to go”. He gave me the okay and now suddenly I am expecting

4oz of white merino – tussah silk- bamboo rovings at $2.75 an oz, I mean COME ON NOW! What a deal!
Then I added this

2oz of winter mix hand painted mulberry silk roving. MULBERRY SILK PEOPLE!!! MUL-BERRY. SILK It’s amazing.

I have since given myself a lecture and I’m not allowed to purchase anymore fiber until all my wool is spun up, also I am now donating almost a tub full of (commercial) yarn to my knitting class….to make room for the fiber that is coming.

Alright folks, I’m going to go chug some orange juice and chicken broth and muster up some energy to I can at least sweep and vacuum. I’ll leave the links to the etsy stores below, I am an enabler.

Felting Supply

Silk and Shine