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Quick 9 patch quilt

   I was able to attend quilting yesterday and I am happy to say that not only was I able to attend the entire day, I was able to make a quilt! Thankfully my father in law recently fixed my sewing machine, so I… Continue Reading “Quick 9 patch quilt”

I can finish things!

Mr. Teddy Bear is now finished  And as it turns out, he is almost the same size as the little boy who received him  Have a nice night folks!

I’ve got sunshine

Yes, the sun has arrived brining warm days (50 yesterday woohoo!!), Snow is melting (though we are getting more this weekend) and we have been able to spend more time outside without umpteen layers of clothing weighing us down.  The green trees on… Continue Reading “I’ve got sunshine”

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around

Hello from the warmth of my blanket cave It is has been very, very cold here as of late ( -20 anyone?!), even with the heat on a pellet stove running, we’ve had a hard time getting the house to warm up above 63… Continue Reading “Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around”

I used to be better at this.

Between warm summer days that keep me outside, kids that keep me busy, and a demanding cat who just turned three and is as off the wall and high maintenance as ever I haven’t been getting much done craft world wise….some but not much.… Continue Reading “I used to be better at this.”


Happy blogiversary!!! Yes folks, it has been a year since I moved my blog over from blogspot to WordPress, and while I didn’t exactly stick with making my clothes for a whole year, the intentions were good and you folks keep coming back so… Continue Reading “Blogiversary!”

Everything changes

Well my friends two things have come to an end the last two days, and there are two more things that will be ending this week. First, I finished my Jane Austen dress with some slight modifications Appearances can be deceiving, I swear both… Continue Reading “Everything changes”

Won’t you be my valentine?

My hands are starting to feel better which has allowed me to start a new project, another one?!, yes another one. Toph just went through his dresser and discarded a bunch of shirts that were all too big for him. Now see my original… Continue Reading “Won’t you be my valentine?”

Late winter funk

They say time gets away from us all at one point or another, and that certainly holds true for myself this past week. Again we’ve had issues with freezing pipes, then pipes that lead to my washing machine being cut when my landlord attempted… Continue Reading “Late winter funk”

I guess I need to buy more quilting pins

I’m no longer stuck on the couch yay!! I’ve spent the last couple of days moving around and while I still have a cough and stuffy nose, I am no longer feeling like I’ve been tackled by a football player. Instead I spent two… Continue Reading “I guess I need to buy more quilting pins”