A trip to the ocean

In another attempt to just get myself together, Toph and I had a much needed day date. When asked where I wanted to go, I already knew he answer, the ocean. Having just been to Portland the prior day to visit my dad and stop at Port Fiber (like I need more fiber right?!) We hopped in the truck and made the two and a half hour drive to Damariscotta Maine.

To on a hike
Which lead to the ocean
Where we watched boats pull up traps.
Then it was off to a light house
To watch the waves crash upon the rocks
And to have a photo taken with one of my favorite humans
Followed by dinner and a exquisite Sunset

It was very much needed, I love being near the oceans. The waves, the smells, the peacefulness of it all. I felt rejuvenated and ready to get things done.

Like this quilt I made for my best friends wedding…they just celebrated their three year anniversary.

Though I have no pictures, the binding is currently pinned on and ready to go. That’s the final step, I feel like it shouldn’t have taken so long to do the binding when the rest of the quilt took three months but here we are.

Halloween was spent at home, with mom approved candy and a game of cards

Soot enjoyed helping
And then passed out in my arms like a wee baby.

I hope you are all finding ways to relax and breath today. Have a great day folks!

I’m here

Thank you for all the kind words, I am back and feeling better. I’ve been able to get my anxiety under control. Still dealing with family situations but I am working through things and plugging along.

I was able to finish the baby blanket for my best friend

And started another present for when baby boy comes along

My best friend and her husband own a bowling alley, I found this to be fitting 😂

I’ve finished spinning up my shades of blue yarn

I started my Halloween costume

cleaned up messes. This was huge for me, I always have a hard time keeping my craft room tidy, I’ve been given a lot of fabric over the years and well I’ve had to put a stop to it. I need to use all of this before I can take anymore.

We’ve started making signs for art class

And finally, after almost two years. I broke out my sewing machine

Its good to be back, it’s good to heal through creativity.

Have a great weekend folks!


When my kids take interest in a hobby I enjoy, I am always tickled pink!

I was slightly nervous sharing my wheel, silently cursing at myself for giving my other wheel away. Biting my tongue and trying to keep myself from interrupting with a “hey, you are holding that wool too tight” or “you are too close with your hands, back up”

Then we moved on to sewing by hand, did you know that “sewing by hand is actually super easy.”, as someone who dislikes sewing by hand, I wish I took to it as easy as he has.

Even mom is learning new things

Dying wool in mason jars for one, I don’t own a microwave and lacked the patience to dye one color at a time.

Reminds me of Easter.

Have a great day folks!


As the days have shifted once more from 40 degrees down to -1, I find my self spending less time in my basement craft room and more time in the living room, we all seem to congregate here at different times of the day.

Some of us like to enjoy a bowl of beans and a special moments with a good friend while warming ourselves by the fire.

Whether we are enjoying a nightly show together, using our imaginations to turn a simple tub of legos into a jungle adventure, filling the house with music via, or as stated above, some of us come here to work. The living room seems to be the most beloved room in the house.

While I may have been here all weekend working on this order

My mind still goes to my craft room and all the fun things that are awaiting my return. I’m having a hard time focusing now that I’m a week and a half away from when this order is due.

I still have heads, noses, antlers, and arms to finish, I have several moose I need to stuff and sew, I also have very little attention span.

I’m fighting the urge to run to my craft room and spin up a bunch of beautiful Romney wool. I keep thinking of the sewing projects that are overdue and need my attention like yesterday. Let’s not forget the set of sock needles from Christmas, I have yet to cast on a single stitch.

I give praise to my husband however, who is finding other things to do right now, than helping me build a set of wool combs. He knows I need to get this done, he has better restraint that I do, more focus and hates starting something new when there are other things left to finish.

Speaking of focus and distractions, it’s time to go collect the eggs.

Have a great weekend folks!

In good times and bad

For the good times

fabric carefully chosen

the search for the perfect pattern

hours of cutting

And piecing together (almost finished)

To be gifted to a friend on her big day

And the bad

Moments of sadness, the heartbreaking rush to finish a blanket that will have fleece sewn on the inside, to keep the receiver warm during treatments of chemo

Silence isn’t always golden.

Heat wave

Hi there *wipes sweat off brow* Fall has taken off on us, decided it wasn’t ready to be here just yet.

Which has really not worked out too well when it comes to harvesting food, my basement is abnormally warm thanks to the high temperatures in our indoor green house, which has resulted in most of our pumpkins turning to mush faster than we can process them. We still have several in the garden that I refuse to pick until this heat wave ends.

Late September is usually time for Apple picking and sweaters and hot mulled cider, Sunday we picked 50lbs of apples over at Apple Acres Farm in 95 degree heat, while wearing shorts and tshirts and replaced that hot mulled cider with milkshakes.

I have every intention of heading back to this orchard when the temperatures return to normal and we can pick apples in the proper attire and enjoy that delicious cider.

I have some very exciting news to share with you, it seemed like this would never happen. I’ve dreamt and dreamt about it but never truly thought it would occur. Toph is taking classes for agriculture management and handed me a pamphlet the other day, I am going to a conference in two weeks to learn everything I can possible learn about sheep. Which of course means there are sheep in my very near future and which most likely means no one will ever see me again after I get these sheep, because I won’t be leaving my house 😂

This week at quilting we made pot holders, I finished one set and have a second set that I brought home with me that is also finished. I am also working on a huge fall project that I am hoping to share with you within a month. Unfortunately because it is a present, I cannot yet post it here.

During the last few weeks when yarn was bearable to touch, I’ve made several items, some are already on my Etsy page and some are headed that way. A couple are presents.

As much as I hate to leave this cool area of my house, I have to go brave the heat and working in my garden. Have a great week folks!

That’s a lot of snow!

And it’s still snowing. Yes that is right, we got about two feet of snow and are in the process of getting another 10-14″ and you know what, I’m part of the minority that is absolutely loving it.

I recently purchased four knitters pride dreamz crochet hooks and sadly have misplaced the size H. I have torn every room apart looking for this hook and alas it seems to have disappeared, however it has inspired me to organize my tools a little better. I got a good chunk of the organizing done this morning before the kids were released early from school.

Then I ran out of steam, not even the two large mugs of coffee helped. 

I am hoping to pick right back up this evening after they go to bed. Don’t let that board fool you, I have twice as many circular knitting needles than what you are seeing.

“Did you find your hook?!” I found several H hooks, though not the one I am searching for. 

Hopefully I get this project finished soon because I bought some pretty fabric that I have plans for and I’m ready to start cutting

One fiber related project I am hoping to finish up today is this Divine Hat that a friend asked me to make for her to match the mittens from the previous post

I have another fun fiber treat coming my way in the mail, I ordered 4oz of beautiful merino/silk/yak roving from StickChick it’s my first time ordering from her shop and I am very excited for this roving to arrive!

That’s all I have for you this week folks! Hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

Getting ready

My sewing machine is in the shop, naturally I am upset about this because it was a horrible April fools trick for my machine to play on me. It had been working so well, I brought home two quilt kits to work on this week and then yesterday BOOM sorry no longer working 😭

I had actually started to do more stuff


I upcycled old sheets that Toph can’t stand


I made a mattress for the bunkbed that Lorelai and Toph MADE out of cardboard  

I had bought fabric to make quilts for the kids. 

Instead of dwelling on it yesterday, we decided to clean our “brand new” chicken tractor, oh yeah baby we bought this beautiful 27 nesting box chicken tractor

 We haven’t put the top back on, but it is awesome!!!

Of course it came with its own chicken poop 

   Let me tell you, if you day dream about owning a farm, clean out a chicken coop first. Seriously go to your local farmer and say “hey, let me clean that for you”, if you can do it without tossing your guts then you will be fine, sure you may question your sanity, but that is totally normal.

Also, if you can’t get that coop clean, a pressure washer is awesome!

As we Toph found out yesterday (well….not near the corners). Now we have this nice beautiful chicken tractor all clean and ready for the birds that will be making their appearance in about two weeks

Also almost ready on the farm, the portable pig shelter 

We have a few painting details we want to add, but I’m keeping mum on that until it is 100% but yes, there is a reason the shelter is three different colors!

I’m still slowly coming along with my sweater, I had to take TEN rows out last week to fix a spot that yes, people would notice from six feet away but I’m almost ready to start the next step (yahoo!!!)

Also something I need to start working on more because now I actually have a deadline

The ragnar throw. We ordered two couches yesterday (we haven’t had a couch since 2014), after three months and five furniture store visits, we found an extremely comfortable, affordable couch we could agree on. I have 4-8 weeks to finish this throw lol.
Well folks, Leif is standing here begging me to make him socks (another project for the list), so I am off to see what I can do. 

 Have a great weekend folks!

Quick 9 patch quilt

I was able to attend quilting yesterday and I am happy to say that not only was I able to attend the entire day, I was able to make a quilt!

Thankfully my father in law recently fixed my sewing machine, so I was comfortable working with my own machine, instead of a borrowed machine that would take awhile to get used to.

Here is the result (sans lining and backing currently) my quilt is being held up by my lovely friend.

Just a few of the quilts that were finished before I left for the day. 
Have a great day folks!