Everything changes

Well my friends two things have come to an end the last two days, and there are two more things that will be ending this week.

First, I finished my Jane Austen dress with some slight modifications

Appearances can be deceiving, I swear both sleeves are the same

Instead of adding cording and buttons to the back, I sewed up the back. I lost so much weight while making the dress, that it can slide over my head with ease.


Today was also my last day as the weaver at the museum

I will miss going there very much, and miss my co-workers very much!!

We are still on the hunt for a house and have exactly 90 days so we need to haul our behinds to some houses and see what fits us.

In other exciting news, we are planning our final homeschool trip. A trip to meet Joel Salatin, who owns Polyface Farms. We just love his books and Toph is in awe of him. It will be a very exciting trip!

Have a great night folks!

The silver lining

Today was the day, I had planned to finish my regency dress so I could move on to the next dress. All I had left to do was to cut out the lining for the front and back skirt, and stitch everything together.

Well….it’s half finished har har har, I ran out of lining so I was only able to finish cutting out the lining for the skirt front, I decided to pin the top and skirt together to make myself feel better. Oh well, I will have to make a trip to Joann fabrics in-between snowstorms.

Lorelai and I decided to make gluten free chocolate chip cookies, I have had pretty good luck with the oatmeal flour…until today

Batch #1 not enough flour and I’m sure I could have used half the butter

The outcome was interesting.

Batch #2 they looked alright

Then fell apart as I moved them. They were still tasty however and were enjoyed by all.

I shall not give up!!

Have a nice night folks!

I guess I need to buy more quilting pins

I’m no longer stuck on the couch yay!! I’ve spent the last couple of days moving around and while I still have a cough and stuffy nose, I am no longer feeling like I’ve been tackled by a football player.

Instead I spent two days talking myself out of my procrastination, and then this happened

And then this

That’s about the time I managed to run out of quilting pins and has to start cutting fabric to be able make a few available.


They are all held on with pins mind you

I only had three pieces left to pin, but Ailey decided that enough was enough. She wanted my attention and she was going to get it!!

Have a nice night folks!!