Getting ready

This past weekend we spent time preparing for the arrival of our last critters (who should be here tomorrow), finishing up the portable chicken coop, and the kids learned how to card wool.

First I would like to say, that it is a miracle that I didn’t break anything in the process of putting the roof on top of this coop, given the very limited space I had to stand on, over five feet up on the air 

  Sorry for the shakey panorama, I just like to give my readers a first person view sometimes. The roosting bars on the left, are none other than tree branches, and while I have been known to climb the maple in our front yard & relax with a book, those branches are just wee bit bigger & sturdier. To the right I am standing on thing plywood, the cover for the food storage. 

Toph on the other hand, had strong nesting boxes to help hold him up

It is own ready for chickens, I know what your thinking, “why didn’t you use the ladder outside the coop?!”, well folks, sadly the ladder didn’t fit on my side of the coop.

I spent the rest of the day recovering by teaching my kids how to card on my….

Super cool new drum carder *jaw drop* my wonderful husband and inlaws went in on my birthday present together and got me the Strauch Finest model 405 Drum Carder, and yes, I am still freaking out!!! It is better than I ever dreamed it would be!

I showed my kids and got their curiousity out of the way, either they will want to help or they will no longer care and therefor they won’t touch it and either get hurt or break something

I am so excited about my new drum carder that I even did a tiny renovation of my craftroom to ensure there is a spot for it

Of course when winter comes & we use the wood stove, this room will have to change. However it will be changing even more tomorrow, as our couches are due to arrive on Wednesday, so I have two comfy chairs that will make their way down to the basement with me…if I ever get those last 163,345,833 boxes unpacked, I may take a picture and post it.

And I know what you are thinking, did you finish the throw for the couch, no…I did not BUT I made three quilt tops today!

So while I may not have finished my own blanket, three newborns will receive blankets made by me and I’m just as happy.

Toph took a free fence workshop in southern NH this week and came home with fencing for the three critters that we should be getting tomorrow.

Yes that’s right folks, Straw, Sticks, and Bricks will be enjoying the lovely portable pig shelter with the portable waterer and pig feeder. We have enough fencing to move them over without worrying about them escaping somehow. 

And now folks, I will leave you with pictures of what you really came here for (I know because I gain followers and have a rise in views when I post these hehe)

Have a great night folks! 

It’s late so sorry for any typos, I’ll come back sometime within the next month and fix those 😛

Getting ready

My sewing machine is in the shop, naturally I am upset about this because it was a horrible April fools trick for my machine to play on me. It had been working so well, I brought home two quilt kits to work on this week and then yesterday BOOM sorry no longer working 😭

I had actually started to do more stuff


I upcycled old sheets that Toph can’t stand


I made a mattress for the bunkbed that Lorelai and Toph MADE out of cardboard  

I had bought fabric to make quilts for the kids. 

Instead of dwelling on it yesterday, we decided to clean our “brand new” chicken tractor, oh yeah baby we bought this beautiful 27 nesting box chicken tractor

 We haven’t put the top back on, but it is awesome!!!

Of course it came with its own chicken poop 

   Let me tell you, if you day dream about owning a farm, clean out a chicken coop first. Seriously go to your local farmer and say “hey, let me clean that for you”, if you can do it without tossing your guts then you will be fine, sure you may question your sanity, but that is totally normal.

Also, if you can’t get that coop clean, a pressure washer is awesome!

As we Toph found out yesterday (well….not near the corners). Now we have this nice beautiful chicken tractor all clean and ready for the birds that will be making their appearance in about two weeks

Also almost ready on the farm, the portable pig shelter 

We have a few painting details we want to add, but I’m keeping mum on that until it is 100% but yes, there is a reason the shelter is three different colors!

I’m still slowly coming along with my sweater, I had to take TEN rows out last week to fix a spot that yes, people would notice from six feet away but I’m almost ready to start the next step (yahoo!!!)

Also something I need to start working on more because now I actually have a deadline

The ragnar throw. We ordered two couches yesterday (we haven’t had a couch since 2014), after three months and five furniture store visits, we found an extremely comfortable, affordable couch we could agree on. I have 4-8 weeks to finish this throw lol.
Well folks, Leif is standing here begging me to make him socks (another project for the list), so I am off to see what I can do. 

 Have a great weekend folks!