For now

This August we are having our first annual screen free month. Our only form of communication with the outside world will be in phone calls, snail mail, or good old fashioned visiting.

We have long talked about cutting back on screens, which is hard in our house.

I grew up on a farm in the middle of the woods in a teeny tiny township in Maine. From ages 7-10 we had no electricity, we had an outhouse, our dirt driveway was almost a mile long and in the late winter and early spring we had to leave our car at the mailbox at the end of the driveway. We either walked to the car from the house or vice versa or sometimes we would take the horse and wagon.

Even when the poles came in and we had running water and an indoor toilet, we still didn’t watch much tv. We had the option to, but when your limited to three channels, books and imagination just seem better.

My husband grew up with video games and cable tv and went to school for video game design and is now a software engineer. So of course he is into electronics, it seems to be the norm to have TVs and video games, computers and iPads in the house. But even a little can be too much.

So folks, we are going on a break as I said before. I’ve printed off all the patterns that I will probably not get to, but feel like I might at some point be kicking myself in the butt for not finishing.

Some already started

And some almost finished

We have books, animals and woods to keep us busy. We have homeschool field trips lined up, our annual summer trip to Santa’s village, and camping to look forward to.

The sky will be our television, with it’s glistening stars. The sounds of nature or one of the instruments in the house will bring us our music.

We have plenty of canning that will be happening this month as everything grows in.

I am excited to see how this experiment goes.

See you in a month folks!

Carding frenzy

That’s a whole lot of llama! One of the ladies in the guild was given llama, she wasn’t going to use it and offered it up to whomever was interested. Lorraine (kromski wheel), dropped this off at my house earlier this evening and it is so soft! I think I will blend it in with the icelandic wool.

I plan on bringing the carder back on Saturday so I will have to get the wool carded between now and then.

In other news, I finally got my hands on some graph paper and started filling in the designs for my shawl. I was so thrilled that I had created a pattern….until tonight. I picked up the Fall 2012 Jane Austen knits magazine and noticed that one of the shall patterns had partially the same design mine does…it isn’t very close as I have tied four different stitches into my pattern, but it’s close enough where I don’t want to be stepping on anyone’s toes :-/

Hmmm maybe I’ll knit up a sample of both and post it, everyone can tell me what they think. Perhaps it will be back to the drawing board.

Have a great night folks!

The return of the Bartók

For awhile I got tired of working on my Bartók Tunik. I was do close to being finished, but when you have 12.5″ of seed stitch (k1,p1,k1 ect) before you can start the design….that gets really boring.

However, yesterday when my husband announced that it would be another ten years before we bought a house, I figured I’d quickly finish my sweater and throw it up on etsy so I could take the money and toss it into a savings account that I will be naming “I really want a house”.

Alas, whilst I was reading up on patterns I found that it was frowned upon to sell items that I have made using patterns from interweave magazines & books. I also heard, that if I did so I could be blacklisted, I think I’ll follow their rules.

I think I’ll keep working on the sweater and head back to the drawing board when it comes to making my own patterns.

Have a nice night folks

The last entry was supposed to be called 19 rows