I’m certainly not doing a good job of keeping up with my blog in 2019, I’ve either been busy or struggle to find words when I have free time.

The company Toph worked for closed a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been picking up extra hours at work when they are available. I don’t make nearly as much as he did, but it is enough to cover groceries and some bills so the money in the bank doesn’t need to be touched.

Since I posted last we, like most of the country have had a lot of snow.

We’ve celebrated birthdays

Had a puppy house guest

And at least everyone in the house was hit with a stomach bug

I also played a bit more with my Cricut

One thing that is new here, is that we have decided to start looking for a new house. We do love our house very much and we are lucky to have such a property. Alas, I am the only one in the house that enjoys the snow and doesn’t mind the cold, but I am also aware of how it affects the moods and minds of everyone else and so we have decided on a warmer climate.

We are not 100% sure exactly where we will be going, we’ve tossed around the idea of putting things in storage, selling the house and traveling in an RV for awhile to see where we want to be. We’ve also talked about moving somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We’ve driven through there before and really enjoyed our time, Toph has started to look for jobs in that area.

Luckily he can work remote should we go the RV route, though looking at non remote jobs in areas we might like broadens the job horizon. Maybe we won’t move at all, this is a conversation that is often had in the winter time, but snow puts on too much stress for our family so time will tell what we do.

Have a great day folks!

Birthdays and Moving days

Last week my baby turned SIX

Insanity right?? He’s now starting to read small books and spell words and do one digit addition. Holy moly!!

We celebrated a day early and he went on his merry way with his sister to spend the weekend at his grandparents house while Toph and I finished packing up the house.

We made a quick job of packing the uhaul and scrubbing the old house clean, loaded up the critters and headed on out. 

Everyone say “bye old house” 

We have been in our new house since Sunday night, we are mostly unpacked…. My craftroom will most likely be the last room unboxed

I’ve been getting a little help from the organizing queen.

You might have noticed something in that top picture, something I didn’t previously have (because I sure the heck would have posted something about it.)

That’s right folks!! Thanks to the sellers who left this for me, I am now the proud owner of a second spinning wheel. 

It appears to have the original flyer, I did a little research and it appears that this wheel was made by a wheelwright named Jeremie Ouellet, who was from Canada. I need to read up on it more…..and buy a drive band….and test it out lol.

Moose has made a new friend since moving to our new home

This is Amy, she is sweet, cuddly, and friendly. She lives down the road and comes by to visit every morning.

We are very excited to be starting this new venture, we’ve been walking around the fields, envisioning what critters will go where, where we will have our garden, how many chicken wagons we will build, and what breed of sheep we will get 😉. 

Mostly, I am looking forward to canning all the yummy veggies and fruits we will be growing (did I mention we have three kinds of fruit trees, grape vines, raspberry bushes, and ever so many blueberry bushes?), I already found the perfect place for storing our canned goods

Have a great night folks!


We have 14 days until closing (well maybe sooner now that the house is cleared out), I’ve been busy packing up our lives, hopefully for the final time. Never having lived in the same house for five consecutive years in a row, this is a big milestone.

The summer clothes have been packed away for sometime, the mornings are cold here (we had frost yesterday), and there is talk of snow this weekend. Wish I had more time to write, I’ll be lucky if I finish Lorelai’s costume before Halloween or even Leif’s Hobbes, his birthday is also their last day of school before we move. 

Tomorrow I get the day off from packing to head back over to work with the great Carol Felice to learn about making herbal medicines! I’ll take plenty of pictures!

Not sure what the point of this post is lol I just wanted to pop in and say “hi”. So hey, hi, how are you?!
Have a great day folks!!

We’re all mad here

Between three weeks of dealing with the flu scattered around our household, fall cleaning, and some slight packing, I have managed to complete two house.

The first hat is a slightly edited version of Red Hearts Halloween Top Hat, being held on to the top of miss Lorelai’s head with a bobby pin and shear luck. 

The second is another Red Heart hat, again a slightly edited version of the Mad Willy hat. My cousin and her family are going as Alice in Wonderland characters this year, so this lovely hat is getting ready to be shipped off to Georgia!!

Twenty five days until our closing date! 
Have a great day folks!

I’m going to need some coffee

So I am happy to announce, that this morning we signed a one year lease for a beautiful home in NH

Now it is just a temporary location while we search for a home to buy, and we won’t be able to buy anymore farm animals but that is ok, because folks this house is located in a farming town, and while we will stick with our three current critters, we can still look out the windows and see cows, goats, chickens, and more. The best part of this house, it has a porch! I love porches, my favorite song growing up was “if the world had a front porch”.

My only issue right now is I am burnt out on packing, and we are moving in two weeks. I guess it’s time to pack up all my knitting (well, I’ll keep one more two things out), because that and coffee are the only way I am going to get the rest of the house packed in time to move. One day at a time right?!

Have a nice day folks!!

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

Yesterday, though the sky threatened rain, it was about 88 degrees. To clouds hid the sun for a good chunk of the day, but it was a really nice day regardless. Today though is quite the opposite, it’s cold and rainy, we actually have a fire going right now in the stove. A friend of mine just north of us had a dusting of snow. It was definitely a sweater and warm socks kind of day.

Speaking of sweaters

My brain won, I went back and took out several sections of cable rows, but it’s been fixed and now I won’t have to look at this partial sweater with disgust at myself.

Sunday is my last knitting class before we move, I’m really sad. This is a great group of woman/girls and its been so much fun to hang out with them and watch them learn and see the projects that they have made. I am making each of the girls a honeycomb for their beekeepers quilt (should they choose to make one)

I finished the first one last night, and almost halfway finished with the second.

Have a nice night folks!!

Well that escalated quickly

Well folks, the realtor (not the landlord) has given us a move out date of June 1st. It’s time to get cracking on donating items, and tossing out things that have laid around for the past three years. We’ve also gone full steam ahead with house hunting, there are so many house I’ve fallen in love with, I can’t wait to go look at them all.

While house hunting I’ve managed to get part of my bartók finished

Yes I know it’s a selfie, which I try to avoid, but Lorelai and Leif both shake when they take pictures so this was what it all came down to.
I threaded on a sleeve and almost instantly decided that I was not happy with any part of it

The shoulder looked like it had those pads from the 80’s, you know the ones that give woman square, yet pointy shoulders. I took the sweater to my guild meeting and got some great advice from a few members on how to fix not only the weird bell bottom sleeve, but also a better way to attach the sleeves.

Leif asked me for a sweater recently that I plan on starting after I finish the bartók…mainly because I do not have another pair of size 7 needles. (I still need to get back to the min Ulla scarf as well.)

He chose this sweater from Petite Purls
He decided on a gray sweater with a pink tie.

I’m not gonna lie folks, I miss my craft room. I had all these sewing plans this year, but per landlords orders, I need to keep the house emasculate. I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I can have a clean sunroom and the moment I walk in there BOOM, it’s like the Easter bunny threw up everywhere. Wish me luck we find a new house soon, maybe then I can reach my goal!

Have a nice night folks!

Busy as a bee

We have been busy around here folks, I’ve been cleaning (with one hand), making sure everything was spotless, it seems every time I finish with one room there is a little boy following along making a mess.

We also had a massacre occur sigh, we lost all but two birds, blood & feathers everywhere. Very disheartening, I’m still flabbergasted that something could pull apart metal bars and grab my birds, but alas it happened. We worked on the barn this morning, so hopefully there are no more issues.

I’ve also been spending the evenings house hunting, the landlord out our house on the market on Monday, and a prospective buying is coming by tomorrow so the race is on. We’re looking in New England, very exciting to hunt for our own little homestead.

I am also excited that the spring session of knitting starts at the school next week! It will be five weeks long and I have two 8 year old girls who I have been teaching to knit for the last several weekends, who will be my assistants.

I wish I had more to say, pictures to share, or crafts to talk about. Alas, my hand is still healing and I’ve been rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Have a nice night folks!

New Chapter

For the last year or so, we have talked about buying our own homestead, while we had been looking around, we figured we’d stay here for at least another year. Today our landlord mentioned that he was thinking of putting the house up for sale, skip ahead two hours later to a call that a Realtor will be here to check the place out on Monday.

So now it appears that we are going full speed ahead. We can stay until the house sells, which gives us time to go look at a few houses. 

What an exciting time to start the next chapter in our lives, searching for a homestead of our own, I’m excited to have you all along for the journey!!

Have a nice night folks!!