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Boots & baskets

Hippity, hoppity, Easters on its way. The last year or so we have been celebrating holidays differently, for Halloween, instead of trick or treating, we had a small party with homemade treats, music, and fun. Lorelai pays attention to the ingredients in foods almost… Continue Reading “Boots & baskets”

Cream of buckwheat

Today my friends, I share with you something delicious! I REALLY love cream of wheat, so when I found out about my little gluten problem I was bummed, I’m not bummed so much now as it appears that my carpal tunnel has taken a… Continue Reading “Cream of buckwheat”

Sunday funday

Sunday was a dreary rainy day, sure we had a bit of excitement in the morning when we awoke to the dining room floor covered with water. However the weather outside made us all feel tired and lazy. I decided that I would get… Continue Reading “Sunday funday”