It’s finished

I’ve spent the last few months focusing on kids, mental health, and Christmas presents. I’ve taken a few more steps to feeling better, taking time….more time than I meant but it helped. I’ve made several big changes and I feel lighter, less anxious, I’m not crying nearly as much.

Last week we had a big scare at our house when Leif’s appendix burst. He gets sick often due to his sunken chest, but this time it was different, He had stomach pains, he didn’t complain about them. A trip to the Dr confirmed my suspicions, yet unfortunately in the ten minute drive from the Dr to the hospital his appendix ruptured.

They quickly got him in and out of surgery and we spent six days at the hospital. After the first few days he was in good spirits, but his fever kept spiking. We were able to leave when he was 24 hours fever free.

He has been hanging out at home this week and will be able to return to school in the New Year.

So what did I finish you ask?

The Min Ulla scarf that I started two houses ago. Can you believe it? I am still in shock… though I only just finished it thirty minutes ago. It is now folded in a box, waiting to be wrapped for Christmas.

Here are a few other items I have completed since the last time I posted

Have a great weekend folks!

Lots of knitting going on around here

These are the projects that I am currently working on in rotation…I am about to get a little crazy and add one more.

I realized that 3 out of 4 family members have sweaters started (and one may even get finished this year!), so I had Lorelai snuggle up next to me and we looked at patterns over at ravelry. She quickly decided on this cupcake sweater, and as she didn’t want to look at anymore patterns, well it was settled.

Maybe I can do a daily sweater rotation:

Toph’s Aran on Mondays

Leif’s sweater on Tuesdays

(Pretend I started the cupcake sweater)
Lorelai’s sweater on Wednesdays

My bartók on Thursdays

My mother in laws Min Ulla on Fridays

Hmmm that leaves two more days…..I am currently browsing ideas.

Have a nice night folks!


Sorry for the whiplash with the color schemes, Lorelai
convinced me that I should change things up a bit…

Ramble ramble

Here I am, writing from my apparent permanent spot on the couch. Moose has been giving me evil eyes for the last two days, as if to say “That is where I lay when I think you guys aren’t looking, I want my spot back“, Well don’t worry one bit Moose, I’ve started eating the kids gummy vitamins, as well as making sure I stand in the sunlight for a couple of minutes every hour. I don’t want to be here anymore then you want me here jeeze.

One thing I have been able to accomplish on this “fun” little sickness vacation, is to finish chart 4 of the Min Ulla scarf

yeah….I see you got really far.
I’m hoping to finish chart number 5 by Friday & hopefully start cutting my regency dress!

I’ve also had success the last two days, making gluten free pancakes


And last night, gluten free pizza


Toph absolutely refuses to eat anything made with store bought gluten free flour, so I’ve been grinding up a lot of gluten free oatmeal. I wish I could say I measured how much I used, but the kids were trying to “help” me make dinner and I stopped counting because I’m sick and they were driving me batty. So I just poured flour in until it was dough like and thankfully it tasted pretty good, I’ll certainly write it down next time and post the recipe here.

The bright side of being sick

Lorelai finally found a book that peaked her interest, Under the lilacs by Louisa May Alcott. I borrowed this book from my grandmother when I was only a few years older then Lorelai.

Have a great day folks!

“You have zombies in your back”

I have had the worst back pain this week, usually I can deal with, today it has left me on the couch.

According to Leif, I have Zombies in my back


He said my arms and legs would have to be removed to get the zombies out, I told him is take his word for it.

When the aftershock of my four year olds diagnoses wore off, I decided to pick up my knitting needed and continue on with my Min Ulla

I am almost finished with chart 4!

Sewing time is upon us

The thing about sewing is, is that it is faster then knitting….unless you procrastinate of course…which you’ve been doing. I’ve have three dresses that I need to have finished before August, one needs to be finished before May, and I still have a knitting project that needs to be finished by next month.

I figured maybe if my readers could keep me on track, I might get the dresses finished by April.


The first dress is for my Jane Austen themed 30th birthday party


I’m anxious about this dress, because unlike the others, I cannot just go to a dress store and find a regency style dress at a good price. Not going to happen my friends.

The next dress is for the bachelorette party, I don’t want the to spoil the activities for the bride, so I’ll just say we’re all wearing dresses (I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda gal). I’m planning on making this dress a little longer then what the picture shows and I’m torn about the open sides yikes!!

This dress is for the dinner rehearsal, I’m going to combine the patterns and well…here’s hoping.

In fluffy news, I caved and bought regular food coloring today and dyed some silk

I messed with the colors too much and the purple, green, & blue I was hoping for…well

Hey it could be pretty…right…

And finally, I am almost half done with the Min Ulla


Have a great night folks!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

We’ve been busy as usual, but made time for some fun, and we are currently enjoying a two day snowstorm.

I’ve made several things since I last wrote:

A silly but warm hat for Toph

A little hard to tell here, but I made each of the kids a stuffed animal. They honestly didn’t come out too well, but the kids love them and snuggle with them at night, so I’m glad.

I also made some cloth tissues, I’m sure some would say this is pretty gross, however it’s easier to wipe little noses with something soft instead of something that is going to hurt their noses after awhile.

We had a nice Christmas, though the present I ordered for Toph on the 9th didn’t arrive until this afternoon

Nice handmade leather gloves with wool inside, they fit me snugly, & surprisingly they fit Toph as well. My present was delayed as well, as the wrong item was shipped, however it was well worth the wait

Long have I admired this set, and I knew it would be arriving, as Toph suggested that these would make a much better present then the silkworms I had been thinking about…honestly I had gone back and forth on the idea & even if the silk was harvested humanly, well I’m not a fan of bugs.

I’m still working away at the Min Ulla

I have moved on to the fourth chart and have two more to go…before I have to work all six charts backwards. It has been great fun and I’m looking forward to more fair isle knitting as I go forward. Thankfully, even though I have been plugging away at this scarf, since I’ve gone gluten free I have had no issues with carpal tunnel!

I only have a few knitting projects that I will be working on after this scarf is finished however, as I have two dresses that need to be sewn up for two important upcoming events. The first is the regency dress for my 30th birthday party & then a dress for a rehearsal dinner for the wedding of one of my very best friends. I knit better then I sew, so I welcome any and all encouragement!

I have been using my hand carders as blending boards and I have to say, I am very happy with the results

This is wool from dye day and while I do not have a picture of it spun up, it certainly turned out beautiful.

I also spun up a little of the silk as well, I am amazed with how thinly it can be spun and how strong it is.

Have a nice night folks!

Anyone have a cup of joe?!

It’s been a long week it’s only Wednesday…, I stand by my words. Toph works in the city, on Monday the sewers by his work decided to explode….ok, not so much explode but there was an underground fire and man hole covers blew about 50 feet in the air, with a side of fireballs. Buildings were evacuated and there were two minor injuries. Scary stuff.

The kids have been taking turns being sick the last several days, Leif had his first earache yesterday and it was awful. I helped him as much as I could and then he fell asleep on the couch, today he was a brand new kid and his sister is the one who is suffering from a nasty cough.

Leif turned four a couple of weeks ago, it broke my heart. My baby, my only boy is now four years old. How did that happen?. Lorelai will be seven in January, time flies.

Today was also my last knitting class for the fall after school program, so proud of the progress my students made. One mom is hiring me to teach a group knitting class at her house, and I’ve been asked to come back and teach the spring after school class.

I had planned on making each of my students ornaments for their trees, however the stars that I had tried to make turned out looking…well not how they were supposed to. Perhaps I’ll make some next summer and be prepared to give them to the girls in the next fall class.

We haven’t given up our birds yet, Toph is still trying to decide what he wants to do. The birds have taken to sleeping on the roof at night, yep they avoid the barn at all costs sigh. Our ducks have taken to playing hide and seek on us as well, they were all gone yesterday, I figured hoped they had all migrated, as we only saw them in the morning and then not again. Five of them showed back up this morning, we just caught a glimpse of them when we saw Robin attacking a fox and chasing it into the road. Sadly he hasn’t come back, but the four others are locked safely in the barn with Carrick.

They’ve actually taken to following me around, does this make me the new mama?! All day they have come up to me and sat at my feet….they love me and now I cannot eat them. Hopefully the others come back tomorrow.

This is one of the males walking up from a dip in the pond.

One bird we will be eating soon is Thanksgiving, Toph is taking him on Saturday when he goes to help some of our friends butcher the turkeys they sell.

Now, on to the reason why you’re really here…at least I am assuming as this blog is supposed to be about making clothes & whatnot…

I’m almost finished with the pattern on my first sleeve for my bartók tunik, I was nervous that these too colors wouldn’t be contrast enough but I like it.

This is the Min Ulla scarf I am working on for my mother inlaw, I haven’t made much progress since the last time. I found this pattern in an ebook from the library. You can find the pattern here

Awhile back I bought some lovely yarn at a shop back home, their was a sale and I couldn’t help myself. It reminded me of the ocean, I knew I had to make something very special with it. Then I found this pattern
And then this happened

Without flash

With flash.
The camera really doesn’t do the color justice.

Now it’s time to work on more presents

Have a nice night folks!