It’s finished

I’ve spent the last few months focusing on kids, mental health, and Christmas presents. I’ve taken a few more steps to feeling better, taking time….more time than I meant but it helped. I’ve made several big changes and I feel lighter, less anxious, I’m not crying nearly as much.

Last week we had a big scare at our house when Leif’s appendix burst. He gets sick often due to his sunken chest, but this time it was different, He had stomach pains, he didn’t complain about them. A trip to the Dr confirmed my suspicions, yet unfortunately in the ten minute drive from the Dr to the hospital his appendix ruptured.

They quickly got him in and out of surgery and we spent six days at the hospital. After the first few days he was in good spirits, but his fever kept spiking. We were able to leave when he was 24 hours fever free.

He has been hanging out at home this week and will be able to return to school in the New Year.

So what did I finish you ask?

The Min Ulla scarf that I started two houses ago. Can you believe it? I am still in shock… though I only just finished it thirty minutes ago. It is now folded in a box, waiting to be wrapped for Christmas.

Here are a few other items I have completed since the last time I posted

Have a great weekend folks!

Mental health

We had an incident happen at our home this week and I kind of wanted to make it into a PSA. We had someone we have not known long, maybe for about a year, walk in our home with a loaded gun. This person did not threaten us but it was clear that things were not right, they were talking about a million miles a minute about things that weren’t there, they had already been to and discharged from a hospital. I’m not going to go in details, I don’t want to embarrass anyone, that isn’t then point of this post. It was a very scary situation to be in for myself and I am sure this person. 

I later found out this person had gone off of their medication and was in a manic depressive state, I truly hope that they get help.

I just want to make this psa that if you have a loved one who is on medication for a mental disorder and is thinking of going off their medication, please talk to them about it, have them go see their doctor, or make sure to inform their doctor if they won’t speak up. If you are on a medication for your own mental health and you don’t like the side effects, please talk to your doctor about changing medications, please don’t just quit taking them.

I understand that I do not know what it is like to be the person needing the medicine, I couldn’t possible understand the side effects. But please help those who need it, or seek help if it is you.