I finally have time to post and it’s thanks to this beautiful fluffy stuff falling down from the sky


It started yesterday with a mix of freezing pellets, we couldn’t go anywhere by car (still can’t today due to the ice on our road), so I bundled up the kids and we walked over to the neighbors across the street, so all the kids could go sledding together. They own 230 acres over there, they don’t farm it but they had plenty of snowy hills to sled down and there was plenty of fun to be had. 

I cannot be more excited, about the snow. I have been in the Christmas spirit for so long 

I even hung tinsel garlands and let me tell you, I don’t care much for tinsel, but the excitement of decorating my house…my forever home, was just the greatest thing to me. No rules or restrictions…I can do whatever I want!!

Now I have been meaning to write, I finished at least two of the three projects I had planned for Christmas, but I have a good excuse….I know I know, excuses are like…..well you know the saying, and everyone has them. Well things got a little haywire the week of Christmas, and I wasn’t expecting to have to renovate part of my kitchen.

We had an old (1970’s) electric stove that was not cutting it, things were not cooking right and it needed to be replaced. We purchased a new stove the same day we closed on the house and had been waiting for the gas guy to come switch things around that we needed. Well he finally came and said “hey, you need to cut half an inch of both sides of your side cupboards and an inch in the top cupboard for it to be up to code. I’ll come back tomorrow”

So we now have a new stove, we put the counter that had been on the otherside back and have decided that we are going to wallpaper the drywall and put in a spice rack and mount a pot rack on the wall. The kitchen certainly feels bigger since we took the cupboards out.

So now back to projects, I did not finish the scarf, however I did finish the mitts


For the most part anyway, I finished them Christmas Eve….or Christmas morning rather around two am. I just need to add the flaps to cover the fingers. These mitts were called Ragg Convertible Mitts by Meghan Babin, and I found the pattern in the interweave knits gifts 2015.

And now folks, I leave you with this picture I snapped the other day. Ailey always attacks Moose when the camera comes out, but I was able to catch them in their true form while they slept.  

   Have a great day folks!! See you in the New Year!!

No more boxes!! 

…in the living room anyway, look!!

I am currently writing this from that cozy blue rocking chair in the corner! The living room as finally joined the box free club! As soon as the carpet for Lorelai’s room gets here, we will be able to move boxes out of the living room, breeze way, and staircase area, leaving my just my craft room, which I might add is coming along rather nicely 

 I’ve put myself on a fabric diet after realizing the amount of tubs and garbage bags I have that are packed full, as for the yarn….clearly I have room for more 😉 

I have twenty boxes left to unpack in that room and if you are a crafter like myself or also seems to be a borderline hoarder (I don’t even want to show you the boxes), then you will totally understand. One box at a time, is my motto.

I’ve finally finished the baby blanket for my husbands cousin and his wife, she is due Christmas Eve with their first little one.

I’ve also starts working on holiday presents! Our house is currently located on the top of a hill, and while we are surrounded by many trees, we still get plenty of wind. So after purchasing a few new knitting magazines, I found a few perfect items to work on for him

(Pictures borrowed from Interweave Gifts 2015 )

Badge cowl by Tanis Gray, Ragg convertible mitts, and Trappers hat by Meghan Babin

If you are interested in the patterns above I linked to the  designers Ravelry pages or you can check out my new knifty interweave link on the left.

As always, I hope you folks have a great day!!