A week before Mother’s Day, I got a scratch ticket from Joann fabrics, I was excited to see that my prize was 60% off! I knew exactly what I wanted to get, a ball winder. The day before I got this fantastic tool, one of the ladies in my spinning guild taught me how to use my ball winder to ply, today I finally got to test it out.

I wound it up right off the spool, seemed to be the easiest way.

I had about 3-4 inches loose in the beginning to start to ply with.

See all nice and no issues what so ever.

It makes plying a breeze


Unfortunately it was too thing for the project I wanted to use it for so I thought, hey, I’ll ply it again. I looked it up and the directions seemed easy enough, just ply in the opposite direction of the way I just plyed. Well I was exhausted, two minutes after i started the phone rang and then three minutes later while still on the phone and plying there was a knock at the door, and my brain couldn’t seem to remember which way the wheel needed to spin and well now I have a mess that WILL get fixed. I made myself signs for future reference


Have a nice night folks!

Two birds, one stone

This morning started off a little rough, while we knew it was coming it was still sad to hear of the passing of my husband’s Grandmother. She was a lovely woman and will be missed very much.

I figured with her passing that it might be easier on my husband if I took one of the kids with me today to my guild meeting. So I brought along my daughter.

She learned to make yarn cakes at today’s guild meeting, and while she was quiet for most of the time, she spent a good fifteen minutes telling her daddy all about it when we got home.



Meanwhile, I learned about carding boards

*sigh* one more thing to add to my wish list…not that I’m complaining or anything.
It was very interesting to watch.

This is the yarn cake my daughter made from the llama & Icelandic wool blend I spun up, I’m very happy with the outcome which is why I decided to rent the guild drum carder for another month, I have much more llama as you have all seen and I have many plans for it. The drum carder will be much faster then the hand carders.

Here is where I kill two birds with one stone. As I mentioned in my last entry, my husband decided that the llama wool blend would make excellent socks, as I am still working on my Jane Austen project, this is the perfect time to complete at least one clothing item this year.


So I’ve decided on the Tilney socks by Rachel Coopey from the fall issue of Jane Austen knits.

I think this is project number 9 that I’ve started this year.

Have a nice night folks!

Well, I’m getting SOME stuff done.

I didn’t finish carding all my wool, I could place blame on ten different things but really, I got burnt out. It’s okay though, I spent about an hour yesterday cleaning the drum carder and I wasn’t about to get it dirty again after all that.

That looks good right?! I hope so because I got a little OCD when it came to cleaning it. I wanted to ensure that there was no wool left on it at all.

The last thing I did end up carding was some of llama and then I blended it with the Icelandic wool, I even spun some of it

I managed to spin it thicker then I normally spin, unfortunately after my husband saw the yarn, he informed me that he wants a pair of socks before the snow falls. Good luck with that buddy, last year I made a dress, three Halloween costumes and a few small items, this year I made 80% of a sweater…I’ve dropped the proverbial ball.

On the other hand I did make:



And started my first batch of kombucha!

Here is what has been happening on the farm this week

Maid Marion gave me a quick glimpse of the eggs that should be hatching this weekend, it will be exactly 30 days tomorrow since she started sitting full time.

Ailey has been trying to pester Moose at night,but he is so gosh darn tired from chasing foxes and woodchucks.

Have a nice night folks!

Carding frenzy

That’s a whole lot of llama! One of the ladies in the guild was given llama, she wasn’t going to use it and offered it up to whomever was interested. Lorraine (kromski wheel), dropped this off at my house earlier this evening and it is so soft! I think I will blend it in with the icelandic wool.

I plan on bringing the carder back on Saturday so I will have to get the wool carded between now and then.

In other news, I finally got my hands on some graph paper and started filling in the designs for my shawl. I was so thrilled that I had created a pattern….until tonight. I picked up the Fall 2012 Jane Austen knits magazine and noticed that one of the shall patterns had partially the same design mine does…it isn’t very close as I have tied four different stitches into my pattern, but it’s close enough where I don’t want to be stepping on anyone’s toes :-/

Hmmm maybe I’ll knit up a sample of both and post it, everyone can tell me what they think. Perhaps it will be back to the drawing board.

Have a great night folks!