Well, I’m getting SOME stuff done.

I didn’t finish carding all my wool, I could place blame on ten different things but really, I got burnt out. It’s okay though, I spent about an hour yesterday cleaning the drum carder and I wasn’t about to get it dirty again after all that.

That looks good right?! I hope so because I got a little OCD when it came to cleaning it. I wanted to ensure that there was no wool left on it at all.

The last thing I did end up carding was some of llama and then I blended it with the Icelandic wool, I even spun some of it

I managed to spin it thicker then I normally spin, unfortunately after my husband saw the yarn, he informed me that he wants a pair of socks before the snow falls. Good luck with that buddy, last year I made a dress, three Halloween costumes and a few small items, this year I made 80% of a sweater…I’ve dropped the proverbial ball.

On the other hand I did make:



And started my first batch of kombucha!

Here is what has been happening on the farm this week

Maid Marion gave me a quick glimpse of the eggs that should be hatching this weekend, it will be exactly 30 days tomorrow since she started sitting full time.

Ailey has been trying to pester Moose at night,but he is so gosh darn tired from chasing foxes and woodchucks.

Have a nice night folks!