Well wouldn’t you know it, after sitting in the jury lounge for 5 hours yesterday (5 the previous day as well), we were all finally called into the courtroom for a trial in a criminal case, that would last well into next week.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing my civic duty, but I would rather do it when both my kids are in school, it is just easier that way. Thankfully the judge agreed and I was sent packing. No more jury duty….at least for the next three years!

My doctor hasn’t called me back about my hand yet, however I’m certain it is just the old carpal tunnel kicking in. I’ve taken measures to ensure my hand will be better by the weekend.

Today I purchased a brace, I bought some Vicks vapor rub after reading that it “instantly takes the pain away” (it didn’t), I’ve been icing, & stretching, and rubbing in some arnica. Mostly though, I’ve stopped….knitting 😦

Any advice is welcomed!

Have a great night folks!