Adventures in fiber arts

Well friends, I’ve been experimenting that’s never good, I usually buy white wool so I can dye it whatever color I wish, now the icelandic wool was sitting around waiting for me, so I finally took matters into my own hands and started experimenting.

My first experiment was with kool-aid….now I had I taken the time to research more, I would have known which kool-aid colors to purchase…you see, my kids don’t drink kool-aid or any juice really (that’s just how we roll). So I assumed that the green package would be green and the blue package would be blue. No instead I had red, yellow, & orange for colors.

The next day I tried again, this time with Wilton food dye


Again….a little weird, but better


I let the wool dry out in my bathroom for a few days, not knowing how long it would take to dry. It took a little longer then excepted but we had cold weather which caused out forced hot water heat to not work, and then our pipes froze and burst (right next to the wool woo hoo). So after all that jazz, it was finally dry enough for me to test out


Plyed (the purple came from different wool that I have)

I only made a small sample

And turned it into the purse for the doll Lorelai is receiving for her 7th birthday.

Here is something else I just finished spinning



Wrapping on the homemade HandyAndy


Counting the yards (surprisingly only 55 yards)

Finished project.

Now time to card up the wool I just dyed!

Have a great day folks!!

Brand new day

Alright folks, sorry yesterday’s entry. I was a little upset that someone I’ve known for almost ten years would just up and rip me off, lesson learned.

Today is a brand new day and I have started working on my guild project

I know what it looks like, and I assure you it is not a garter lol, I’ll post a picture of the finished item after my guild meeting next week.

I ordered two pounds of beautiful raw Icelandic Shetland wool off of etsy the other day, it is due to arrive on the 11th, I can hardly wait. My husband told me that I am not allowed to touch it until I sold a few things on etsy so I need to finish the sleeves of my bartók tunik. I still need to continue on with my Jane Austen project.

I noticed the other day, that I have a specific kind of movie that I like to watch while I knit & spin. Cranford, North & South, Jane Austen movies, Wuthering Heights, ect. What kind of movies do you like?

Have a great day folks!