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Thirty three days ago I saw a house on a realtor site, 16 days ago we looked at the house, yesterday we went under contract!! Yes folks we did it, we finally found a beautiful 88 acre forever home!     The land needs a… Continue Reading “Well…..”

The one where the measuring tapes are missing

Once upon a time there was a young woman (hey I still get carded), who lived in a house that was large enough to have her own craft room, it was slightly messy (😂) and a little chaotic, but the woman knew where everything… Continue Reading “The one where the measuring tapes are missing”

Procrastination station

Hello friends, let me introduce you to my life long friend, procrastionstion. While procrastionstion has been busy keeping me from working in Hobbes, it has in the last week allowed me to start and complete a few other projects. Hats    Though this one… Continue Reading “Procrastination station”

I know why silk yarn is expensive

It’s because it’s hard to ply     I tried so hard not to waste any of it, but after thirty minutes of struggling, I lost about half a foot (finally untangled the part I cut after I finished plying)       14 wpi (wraps… Continue Reading “I know why silk yarn is expensive”

Easements are killing my dream

Lets talk about easements folks,  once easements used to be put in place to stop developers from turning farmland into shopping malls and condos. I can get behind that.  But it seems people are trying to use easements to their own advantage these days.… Continue Reading “Easements are killing my dream”

House hunting break

I’ll tell ya folks, house hunting is only fun when you don’t actually have to move somewhere, but when it actually comes time to buckle down and be seriously, well I think I’d rather take a trip to the dentist…especially my dentist who plays… Continue Reading “House hunting break”