Oh hey!

So my screen break took a little longer than the rest of my household, they all immediately jumped back in, while I dipped my toes with audiobooks, waded in a little more with kindle unlimited and now here I am with projects and introductions.

School has started and some of us have returned to our old ways of learning and by that I mean we are once again homeschooling. While Leif remains at our local elementary school that I do love, Lorelai skipped ahead to seventh grade and is now currently sitting next to her best friend (who has also joined our homeschool world), reading the free choice book.

During my absence, I have harvested and canned food from the garden, as well has competed a few items.

We have really gotten into playing outside

We observed our critters

Went on a homeschool field trip to Boston

And we have a new family member.

Meet Runa

She is a ten week old Australian Shepard, we are kind of fond of her 😏

It’s me again Margret.

We listened to a lot of Ray Stevens when I was growing up, if you’ve never listened to any of his songs then open a new browser and give him a quick search in YouTube….go ahead I’ll wait, he’s a pretty funny guy.

Despite all the tea with honey I’ve had today, my voice is barely higher then it was yesterday, I am audible, but barely. Part of me is using this to get out of housework….the other part of me has forced myself to at least vacuum & wash the dishes, but really I’m not well enough to fold the pile of clothes that happen to be in my peripheral vision, they can fold themselves you wish, or I will force myself to fold them tomorrow *cough cough* even if I am still sick.

Ha I kid! No I’m still sick & there are a pile of clothes in the basket, but they are folded and waiting to be put away….to make room for the clothes that are in the dryer.

I was a little more active today, I was going to give Lorelai the day off from school, however she pulled out some books and asked what she could get started on…..if you wish my child. We’ve had a pretty good first month of schooling at home I’d say.

We have our little classroom set up (this was pre-posters & pre-tons of awesome school books my friend J gave me),

One day we made spice scented homemade play dough (store bought play dough has a weird texture that grosses me out), I had some all natural food coloring that was set to expire so we used a good chunk of it up.

We saved most of the play dough for another day, but we made leaf pressings that I was hoping would harden…they are still pretty soft.

We ended up going on a four and a half mile hike, I was hoping that I could count that as a week or two worth of gym class…you know in Lorelai’s old school they had gym one day a week for half an hour, however I was informed that it would count as one session.

Which turned out to be just fine, because our hike had other learning aspects to it


We’ve had a few minor bumps along the way, but we’ve pretty much got a good rhythm going.

With Leif on the other hand, it has been hard to get him to want to sit still for anything. Totally understand able, he is after all going to be four next week…excuse me while I go cry for a few moments. What four year old boy wants to sit still for more then five minutes?!. I ended up finding a fun number game to play with him ( I will edit with a link later on), he will now sit for at least 10 minutes.


Have a nice night folks!