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Switching over

A majority of my posts are written on an ipad, which would be all fine and dandy if I had a good bluetooth keyboard. Alas, the one we have is old and gross and the keys stick. So it between using the screen keyboard… Continue Reading “Switching over”

Oh hey!

So my screen break took a little longer than the rest of my household, they all immediately jumped back in, while I dipped my toes with audiobooks, waded in a little more with kindle unlimited and now here I am with projects and introductions.… Continue Reading “Oh hey!”

It’s me again Margret.

We listened to a lot of Ray Stevens when I was growing up, if you’ve never listened to any of his songs then open a new browser and give him a quick search in YouTube….go ahead I’ll wait, he’s a pretty funny guy. Despite… Continue Reading “It’s me again Margret.”