Non stop

The kids are now out of school and counting down the days until camp starts! They have been trying to stay busy 

Reading books in the barn

Helping move birds to the next area

And visiting Boston for the first time. 

We had a took a bus Sunday afternoon and spent the day exploring, that evening a child who claimed she could not swim without a life jacket, spent three hours in a pool after realizing, she could indeed swim without a life jacket! 

Monday we spent the day at the Boston aquarium,  before catching a bus back home. A short but packed full of fun visit!

We came home to a wonderful unexpected surprise

I thought it would be at least a year before the plants had fruit but lo and behold!

We have lots of yummy foods popping up!

I’ve been revamping my craft room, Toph put a new shelf down there for my fabric, which turned into a big purge. 

Most of this fabric has found new homes, though it’s nice to start almost from scratch.

I still have a ways to go, but I feel like it has helped me a lot. Sometimes I get in a funk and I just don’t want to craft at all, purging definitely helped and now I am crossing my fingers for a nice rainy day…an excuse to stay inside and knit or crochet or sew as much as I want.

Have a great day folks!

No more boxes!! 

…in the living room anyway, look!!

I am currently writing this from that cozy blue rocking chair in the corner! The living room as finally joined the box free club! As soon as the carpet for Lorelai’s room gets here, we will be able to move boxes out of the living room, breeze way, and staircase area, leaving my just my craft room, which I might add is coming along rather nicely 

 I’ve put myself on a fabric diet after realizing the amount of tubs and garbage bags I have that are packed full, as for the yarn….clearly I have room for more 😉 

I have twenty boxes left to unpack in that room and if you are a crafter like myself or also seems to be a borderline hoarder (I don’t even want to show you the boxes), then you will totally understand. One box at a time, is my motto.

I’ve finally finished the baby blanket for my husbands cousin and his wife, she is due Christmas Eve with their first little one.

I’ve also starts working on holiday presents! Our house is currently located on the top of a hill, and while we are surrounded by many trees, we still get plenty of wind. So after purchasing a few new knitting magazines, I found a few perfect items to work on for him

(Pictures borrowed from Interweave Gifts 2015 )

Badge cowl by Tanis Gray, Ragg convertible mitts, and Trappers hat by Meghan Babin

If you are interested in the patterns above I linked to the  designers Ravelry pages or you can check out my new knifty interweave link on the left.

As always, I hope you folks have a great day!!

I guess I need to buy more quilting pins

I’m no longer stuck on the couch yay!! I’ve spent the last couple of days moving around and while I still have a cough and stuffy nose, I am no longer feeling like I’ve been tackled by a football player.

Instead I spent two days talking myself out of my procrastination, and then this happened

And then this

That’s about the time I managed to run out of quilting pins and has to start cutting fabric to be able make a few available.


They are all held on with pins mind you

I only had three pieces left to pin, but Ailey decided that enough was enough. She wanted my attention and she was going to get it!!

Have a nice night folks!!