I was going to write an entry about the up and coming craft fair, I was going to post pictures of all the things I’ve actually finished for the fair, and I was going to post about my excitement. Sadly now I come to post about losing a pet.

When you live on a farm, the death of animals you are raising for meat should be something you are used to, it’s right there in your head. “Okay, this animal is going to help us eat through the long winter months, it will help us save money on groceries so we can afford more fuel to heat the house. We will spoil it with good food & attention, but it is still food”

However then there are the other animals, the ones to help guard your home, keep critters away, provide snuggles, and warm fur. Those are the animals, whose passing can really hurt.

Yesterday evening after a very short illness (not even 24 hours), Carrick passed away. I had no idea he was sick, I interact with him every day. Holding him, feeding him, moving him to greener grass. 

I’ve never lost a rabbit to an illness before, I’ve had them escape when I was younger, I lost one to an owl when I was a little girl, my last rabbit I had for over 10 years before it passed from old age.

Rest in peace Carrick, I hope you are hopping around enjoying greener pasture.

Tiny visitor

Whether a creature has been in our lives for a long time or a short time, it is always sad when they are no longer with us. 

This weekend we found this little critter stuck in the grate in front of our door on the porch

He arrived near sunset after the stores around us had all closed, all of our heat lamps were given away when we moved and we had no eye droppers. So we warmed a rice pillow for him and made a mush of water and buckwheat and gave him a tiny littlest pet shop bowl full of water. He made it through the first night, sadly the next day he walked around as if he were drunk. By the time Toph came back home with the much needed supplies, the little bird was weak and sadly he passed Sunday.

Leif sang him a song and then little bird was buried in the shade of a pine tree. We felt like failures, the bird may very well have had internal issues, who knows how it got to our front porch, but one can’t help but feel guilty that it did not survive 😦

After the little bird passed we took a six mile hike with the kids to enjoy nature and be grateful for it. We watched for birds and counted Lady Slippers (94!!), talked of the little bird and wished we could have done more. Leif stated that maybe baby bird needed his mommy to take care of him.

Life is too short, for the old and the young, no matter what creature you are.