No more boxes!! 

…in the living room anyway, look!!

I am currently writing this from that cozy blue rocking chair in the corner! The living room as finally joined the box free club! As soon as the carpet for Lorelai’s room gets here, we will be able to move boxes out of the living room, breeze way, and staircase area, leaving my just my craft room, which I might add is coming along rather nicely 

 I’ve put myself on a fabric diet after realizing the amount of tubs and garbage bags I have that are packed full, as for the yarn….clearly I have room for more 😉 

I have twenty boxes left to unpack in that room and if you are a crafter like myself or also seems to be a borderline hoarder (I don’t even want to show you the boxes), then you will totally understand. One box at a time, is my motto.

I’ve finally finished the baby blanket for my husbands cousin and his wife, she is due Christmas Eve with their first little one.

I’ve also starts working on holiday presents! Our house is currently located on the top of a hill, and while we are surrounded by many trees, we still get plenty of wind. So after purchasing a few new knitting magazines, I found a few perfect items to work on for him

(Pictures borrowed from Interweave Gifts 2015 )

Badge cowl by Tanis Gray, Ragg convertible mitts, and Trappers hat by Meghan Babin

If you are interested in the patterns above I linked to the  designers Ravelry pages or you can check out my new knifty interweave link on the left.

As always, I hope you folks have a great day!!

The one where the measuring tapes are missing

Once upon a time there was a young woman (hey I still get carded), who lived in a house that was large enough to have her own craft room, it was slightly messy (😂) and a little chaotic, but the woman knew where everything was and could find it within five minutes. Alas, it was time to move and the woman packed up her craft room and then moved to a slightly smaller house. The house was lovely but there was no room for a craft room and so while 90% of her craft room went to live in the garage, the other 10% was stretched out between the laundry room, basement, bed room (her entire closet is full of yarn…no joke), dining room, and living room. 

She could spend days searching for items and never find them….items like measuring tapes, she needed one but was missing.

While the woman knew she could easily go to the store a buy a new one, the thought of driving almost an hour to get a gosh darn measuring tape got under her skin. 

That woman was me (surprise), did I go to the store and buy a new measuring tape?! Nope, I actually have a plastic lip edge ruler (yeah I looked it up), and used a piece of yarn to help figure out what I was trying to measure…I’m sure some day when I need to go into town (Saturday, dance registration), I will get another (5 more) measuring tape(s).

One day I will have another craft room, not sure when. Sadly the last house we looked at (like many others) was a bust, over 100 acres of land but you could stick a knife up through the beams holding up the basement 😳. That wasn’t caught on the first walk through.
Have a nice day folks!!