The calm

All is quiet on the farm..for now. We have a big storm coming out way that is bringing five days of heavy thunderstorms and high winds, it will give us a break for the weekend and then the forecast is showing more rain starting next Monday.

We need it though, everyone does. We have friends whose wells have gone dry, the grass is browning in areas, and every time we water the gardens we are just hoping that it won’t be the last time.

Right now the garden is growing, slowly, we have some produce but birds are our current foes, even with our scarecrow.

The greenhouse is full of tomato and pepper plants, just starting to fruit.

New babies have made their way to the farm

Our temporary guests for the next 8 weeks.

We’ve been interacting with all sorts of wild life this week. Toph and I stood up the other day after an hour picking blueberries to find that not 100 yards from us was a coyote eating his breakfast.

Mr. Coyote took off as soon as he saw us, for that I am thankful, I am not a fan. They were heard yesterday morning while we were doing morning chores. Down in our lower field, yipping in excitement.

The evening after our encounter with the coyote, thinking I would never get as close to nature as I did the previous morning, I headed down to the field to once more pick blueberries to pack in Leif’s lunch for camp and what do you think I saw?!

This deer and I stood in good company with each other for twenty minutes at least. She looked at me several times, I talked to her to let her know that I wasn’t there to hurt her (Can deer understand humans 🤷🏻‍♀️). She even obliged me with a selfie (because you know when there is a deer filter on Snapchat, you just have to do it)

We saw a second deer the next night in a neighbors field as we headed out to move our chicken wagon into the next paddock.

Our very own Moose had a big week also

This beautiful pup of ours was entered into the local pet show at the library and won an award for his brindle coat.

He also made a new best friend

Lorelai also made a winged friend.

We ended the week with our weekly farmers market, that included music this week. I had new colors for the reusable water-balloons I have been making

These have been a big hit this year. I’ve made almost 100 and I can hardly keep up with the outside orders for them.

After a long week, I think I will join Ailey in the couch

If you are in one of the areas expected to be hit with the storm (south of us is really going to get the brunt of it), stay safe and dry.

Have a great day Folks!

I spent the weekend with a full house hold, we had postponed Lorelai’s birthday treat to this past Saturday and we all had a fun time.

We picked up her best friend Lily, Friday evening for a sleepover, which made Leif’s night, as it meant his Ya-Ya & Grootvader would be sleeping on his bedroom floor, instead of his sister floor which is the norm.

Saturday (despite a GPS hiccup taking us an hour and a half from where we wanted to be), my mother in law, Lorelai, Lily, & myself met up with Lily’s mom Lori at the American girl doll place from brunch. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was beautiful, & we all had a good time.

This afternoon we went through the videos on the deer cam and found that there is a deer that sleeps right next to Leif’s bedroom, there are also several deer that hang out in our riding ring, along with two raccoons, one whom is missing a tale.

However, we somehow missed this

I had every intention of posting the video, sadly wordpress decided that wasn’t going to happen I thought we were friends wordpress.

The coyote limped as though he’d been hit by a car, he certainly looked sick.

Anyway folks, I hope you all had a good weekend.

I’ll leave you now with the Min Ulla scarf, which I have worked on through two audiobooks….

Perhaps if I listened to War & Peace, I’d have it finished before the end of the book.

Have a nice night folks!