We have 14 days until closing (well maybe sooner now that the house is cleared out), I’ve been busy packing up our lives, hopefully for the final time. Never having lived in the same house for five consecutive years in a row, this is a big milestone.

The summer clothes have been packed away for sometime, the mornings are cold here (we had frost yesterday), and there is talk of snow this weekend. Wish I had more time to write, I’ll be lucky if I finish Lorelai’s costume before Halloween or even Leif’s Hobbes, his birthday is also their last day of school before we move. 

Tomorrow I get the day off from packing to head back over to work with the great Carol Felice to learn about making herbal medicines! I’ll take plenty of pictures!

Not sure what the point of this post is lol I just wanted to pop in and say “hi”. So hey, hi, how are you?!
Have a great day folks!!

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

Yesterday, though the sky threatened rain, it was about 88 degrees. To clouds hid the sun for a good chunk of the day, but it was a really nice day regardless. Today though is quite the opposite, it’s cold and rainy, we actually have a fire going right now in the stove. A friend of mine just north of us had a dusting of snow. It was definitely a sweater and warm socks kind of day.

Speaking of sweaters

My brain won, I went back and took out several sections of cable rows, but it’s been fixed and now I won’t have to look at this partial sweater with disgust at myself.

Sunday is my last knitting class before we move, I’m really sad. This is a great group of woman/girls and its been so much fun to hang out with them and watch them learn and see the projects that they have made. I am making each of the girls a honeycomb for their beekeepers quilt (should they choose to make one)

I finished the first one last night, and almost halfway finished with the second.

Have a nice night folks!!