I’m here

Thank you for all the kind words, I am back and feeling better. I’ve been able to get my anxiety under control. Still dealing with family situations but I am working through things and plugging along.

I was able to finish the baby blanket for my best friend

And started another present for when baby boy comes along

My best friend and her husband own a bowling alley, I found this to be fitting 😂

I’ve finished spinning up my shades of blue yarn

I started my Halloween costume

cleaned up messes. This was huge for me, I always have a hard time keeping my craft room tidy, I’ve been given a lot of fabric over the years and well I’ve had to put a stop to it. I need to use all of this before I can take anymore.

We’ve started making signs for art class

And finally, after almost two years. I broke out my sewing machine

Its good to be back, it’s good to heal through creativity.

Have a great weekend folks!

The house of many projects

The yard has been cleaned up, the greenhouse prepared, and the animals are currently freaking out about the blanket of snow falling softly to the ground. It is as if they have never before seen snow…ok to be fair not all of them have, be it is still a sight to see.

Now that the snow has arrived, I have more time to work on projects and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Here and there during the summer I had the chance to work on one or two items that were not wedding related, but only a little bit at a time.

I have certainly missed the moments of getting to sit and get lost in my work, which sometimes makes me consider Toph’s idea of selling the farm and traveling around the country in an old school bus…. I kid, I shall keep my feet planted firmly on the farm thank you.

I broke out all the projects that I am hoping to finish for Christmas (or the three birthdays that follow in January)

The first project I’ve made time for snow or not is the chemo blanket for a very beloved family member, this will have fleece sewn on the back when finished. This take priority over the other projects.

This is made with the new Caron cake colors: Blueberry Shortcake & Banana Bread. Sadly I had to take half of it out after trying a mix of two patterns that did not turn out as well as the lady who posted the tutorial.

Up next is an order I am in the process of finishing up

This is the Ulyne Unicorn Hood by the Velvet Acorn. I wont lie, I wish I had knit it, instead of crocheting. I made it child size per request and it did not even fit my child who is the same measurements as the intended. So here it is as the adult size, ready to be put together.

The first Christmas project of the year is from yarn I spun up myself. A blend of merino, silk, and yak

Fingerless mitts to help keep hands warm when gloves are not practical


The bulky and quick cat blanket from MJ’s Off the Hook Designs, though this might be turned into a wolf, we will see.


The never ending granny square style blanket, almost ready for the 4th cake.


The start of the Lost In Time shawl, this is a shawl that I need complete silence for. I will be doing this after children are tucked into bed for the night and while my husband works on his new app.

I am still trying to find the perfect item for my now EIGHT year old little boy, he is into so many things. Minecraft, Super Mario, and now books. Time will tell.

Have a great week folks!

Snow Day

After enjoying a day in Maine yesterday at the Magic of Christmas symphony,

 we were greeted this morning with half a foot of beautiful snow. The kids have been enjoying their snow day reading, knitting, and working on their snow day school work, while the chickens, ducks, and rabbits appear to be very happy inside their new home.

(Yes I know the video is rather dark, this was taken early this morning.)

You did not misread above either, yes I meant rabbits

Meet Noël, she is beautiful satin angora rabbit, a year and a half old. Brontë was not coming out of her shell as much as I hoped and the lady I bought her from posted an ad listing more rabbits. So I went and picked up Noël and after a day they have warmed up to each other. So much so that now Brontë will run up to be pet, where before she would run away.

I’m still working on orders, I finished these two cat hats for a lovely woman out in Kentucky

And I am finishing up a tiger for a nice young man out in Canada!

In between everything else we have gotten our tree up.

Have a great week folks!


I finally have time to post and it’s thanks to this beautiful fluffy stuff falling down from the sky


It started yesterday with a mix of freezing pellets, we couldn’t go anywhere by car (still can’t today due to the ice on our road), so I bundled up the kids and we walked over to the neighbors across the street, so all the kids could go sledding together. They own 230 acres over there, they don’t farm it but they had plenty of snowy hills to sled down and there was plenty of fun to be had. 

I cannot be more excited, about the snow. I have been in the Christmas spirit for so long 

I even hung tinsel garlands and let me tell you, I don’t care much for tinsel, but the excitement of decorating my house…my forever home, was just the greatest thing to me. No rules or restrictions…I can do whatever I want!!

Now I have been meaning to write, I finished at least two of the three projects I had planned for Christmas, but I have a good excuse….I know I know, excuses are like…..well you know the saying, and everyone has them. Well things got a little haywire the week of Christmas, and I wasn’t expecting to have to renovate part of my kitchen.

We had an old (1970’s) electric stove that was not cutting it, things were not cooking right and it needed to be replaced. We purchased a new stove the same day we closed on the house and had been waiting for the gas guy to come switch things around that we needed. Well he finally came and said “hey, you need to cut half an inch of both sides of your side cupboards and an inch in the top cupboard for it to be up to code. I’ll come back tomorrow”

So we now have a new stove, we put the counter that had been on the otherside back and have decided that we are going to wallpaper the drywall and put in a spice rack and mount a pot rack on the wall. The kitchen certainly feels bigger since we took the cupboards out.

So now back to projects, I did not finish the scarf, however I did finish the mitts


For the most part anyway, I finished them Christmas Eve….or Christmas morning rather around two am. I just need to add the flaps to cover the fingers. These mitts were called Ragg Convertible Mitts by Meghan Babin, and I found the pattern in the interweave knits gifts 2015.

And now folks, I leave you with this picture I snapped the other day. Ailey always attacks Moose when the camera comes out, but I was able to catch them in their true form while they slept.  

   Have a great day folks!! See you in the New Year!!


I have been working my Christmas magic for the last several days and today my fine folks, for you I present the hat that I am 97% finished with *drumroll* 

I’m in the process of doing the applied icord and then I’ll add the buttons! This has been a very exciting project to work on,  mainly because Toph ALWAYS figures out what I have gotten him for Christmas before Christmas Day and this time he has no idea. 

This last week has been rather….dramatic. We’ve had the tail end of tonsillitis (Lorelai), anxiety attacks (that’d be me), head injuries (Leif, he is fine now but I am going to out this kid in a bubble), and a trip to the hospital for a peanut allergy (Toph, who also thankfully okay. It was a very scary night). I am truly hoping that all the craziness has ended and that we can finish the rest of the year in holiday bliss.

Last night we decorated the tree, while we listened to some Jingle Bell Rock playlist on YouTube, followed by Rudolph the red nose reindeer playing on the organ by Lorelai. 

Have a great day folks!! 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

We’ve been busy as usual, but made time for some fun, and we are currently enjoying a two day snowstorm.

I’ve made several things since I last wrote:

A silly but warm hat for Toph

A little hard to tell here, but I made each of the kids a stuffed animal. They honestly didn’t come out too well, but the kids love them and snuggle with them at night, so I’m glad.

I also made some cloth tissues, I’m sure some would say this is pretty gross, however it’s easier to wipe little noses with something soft instead of something that is going to hurt their noses after awhile.

We had a nice Christmas, though the present I ordered for Toph on the 9th didn’t arrive until this afternoon

Nice handmade leather gloves with wool inside, they fit me snugly, & surprisingly they fit Toph as well. My present was delayed as well, as the wrong item was shipped, however it was well worth the wait

Long have I admired this set, and I knew it would be arriving, as Toph suggested that these would make a much better present then the silkworms I had been thinking about…honestly I had gone back and forth on the idea & even if the silk was harvested humanly, well I’m not a fan of bugs.

I’m still working away at the Min Ulla

I have moved on to the fourth chart and have two more to go…before I have to work all six charts backwards. It has been great fun and I’m looking forward to more fair isle knitting as I go forward. Thankfully, even though I have been plugging away at this scarf, since I’ve gone gluten free I have had no issues with carpal tunnel!

I only have a few knitting projects that I will be working on after this scarf is finished however, as I have two dresses that need to be sewn up for two important upcoming events. The first is the regency dress for my 30th birthday party & then a dress for a rehearsal dinner for the wedding of one of my very best friends. I knit better then I sew, so I welcome any and all encouragement!

I have been using my hand carders as blending boards and I have to say, I am very happy with the results

This is wool from dye day and while I do not have a picture of it spun up, it certainly turned out beautiful.

I also spun up a little of the silk as well, I am amazed with how thinly it can be spun and how strong it is.

Have a nice night folks!