Chirp chirp chirp

The days have been sunny and warm (95 😳) these last few days (normal temps for New Hampshire in May are in the high 60’s), we have been soaking up the sun, playing with birds, & getting our hands dirty. We had half an acre rototilled for our garden, we need to add some organic compost or manure before continuing on but the items in our green house are ready to be outside

The birds have been making more sounds and proving to me that they don’t care about fencing 

It seems like the days go by so fast, even though I’m up by five & taking care of critters, I feel like I blink and then it’s time to start dinner.

Usually we start our mornings off in the clouds (yes clouds, not fog, we are way up high). We move & feed the birds in the chicken tractors, take care of the pigs which will have their pen moved soon.

Take down the fencing for the backyard flockI let Toph take care of picking the fencing up, he is particular
Then we move the coop and set it all up again. Today they are over by Carrick, at first he was all “look what I can do”, hopping around and racing back & forth, an hour ago he was in the fartherest corner away from the birds for some peace.

This week I haven’t worked on much thanks to sinusitis (it’s not as fun as it is to pronounce)  so anyway, when I’m not holding a hot water bottle up to the side of my face, I am managing to get a few small things done.

I’m currently working on a strip quilt, I’m not a fan of how the colors played out, it makes me anxious and I’m not sure I want to do it again

I made a granny square docking station from loosely followed directions I found over at repeat crafter me, loosely followed meaning, I stuck squares on, stretched them out, and stuck in this sticks.

Today I am carding and washing merino. Only a pound at a time but I am doing Castile soap instead of dawn, with some vinegar, and I didn’t want to heat up water on my stove so, the wool is sitting in a tub with water as hot as the sink could get and it is getting super clean.

This was after two minutes my friends, TWO MINUTES!!! Look at how white that got. 

That’s all I have for you today folks, I wish I could freeze time everyday to take a seat & write a post, I don’t know how anyone has the time but I’m glad I found time today!

Have a great day folks!! Happy June!

Oh Ailey

Sometimes cats don’t want anything to do with you, but when you are working with yarn?! They are all up in your business. So today’s post is brought to you by snuggly cats, take it when you can get it, because it won’t last long.

So, socks…

I made one, didn’t like the pattern, so I am exploring other ideas.

I am however, making quilts


These two quilt tops were easy to whip up, half way through the first quilt I had to take my machine to the shop 😞, this machine and I don’t get a long. Ten years old and I’ve finally learned that you should never expect things to go smoothly, because that is when it acts up.

I got it back in time to finish this quilt on Monday, it is the very first quilt I started in our guild and the most trouble.  

I bought this walking foot a few weeks back which has enabled me to do extra things in quilting now.   
Such as sewing the layers together!!

This sweater has giving me a bit of an issue, I had never done Raglans before so I was unaware that you don’t count the stitch in between the stitch markers which led to an hour of math, a headache, and then asking my husband for help. We’ve since figured it out and now I have sleeves on stitch holders!!

We’ve been preparing for our new arrivals this week, and by new arrivals, I mean at the end of the week we will be hearing the teeny tiny patter of….chicken feet. Yes folks, baby critters are on their way! 

We did some work on the chicken tractor to help prepare


Toph will explain here…(short and sweet video due to profanity whoops!!)

  And Mr. Fluffy butt is getting a brand new portable summer home, it is in the process of being finished.

Now my friends, have I ever found something cool!! We have two houses on our property, the one we inhabit and one that is not livable, I went exploring in the older house and went upstairs for the first real time and found THIS

You know what’s under that lid?!

Ohhhh yeah! It “works”, meaning things still move and the light turns on, however, it doesn’t sew and I cannot find a manual for the life of me. I keep hearing good things about this machine, so I won’t give up!!

Miss Ailey has had enough of me now, so I must go back to working on my project. 
Have a great day folks!!

Getting ready

My sewing machine is in the shop, naturally I am upset about this because it was a horrible April fools trick for my machine to play on me. It had been working so well, I brought home two quilt kits to work on this week and then yesterday BOOM sorry no longer working 😭

I had actually started to do more stuff


I upcycled old sheets that Toph can’t stand


I made a mattress for the bunkbed that Lorelai and Toph MADE out of cardboard  

I had bought fabric to make quilts for the kids. 

Instead of dwelling on it yesterday, we decided to clean our “brand new” chicken tractor, oh yeah baby we bought this beautiful 27 nesting box chicken tractor

 We haven’t put the top back on, but it is awesome!!!

Of course it came with its own chicken poop 

   Let me tell you, if you day dream about owning a farm, clean out a chicken coop first. Seriously go to your local farmer and say “hey, let me clean that for you”, if you can do it without tossing your guts then you will be fine, sure you may question your sanity, but that is totally normal.

Also, if you can’t get that coop clean, a pressure washer is awesome!

As we Toph found out yesterday (well….not near the corners). Now we have this nice beautiful chicken tractor all clean and ready for the birds that will be making their appearance in about two weeks

Also almost ready on the farm, the portable pig shelter 

We have a few painting details we want to add, but I’m keeping mum on that until it is 100% but yes, there is a reason the shelter is three different colors!

I’m still slowly coming along with my sweater, I had to take TEN rows out last week to fix a spot that yes, people would notice from six feet away but I’m almost ready to start the next step (yahoo!!!)

Also something I need to start working on more because now I actually have a deadline

The ragnar throw. We ordered two couches yesterday (we haven’t had a couch since 2014), after three months and five furniture store visits, we found an extremely comfortable, affordable couch we could agree on. I have 4-8 weeks to finish this throw lol.
Well folks, Leif is standing here begging me to make him socks (another project for the list), so I am off to see what I can do. 

 Have a great weekend folks!