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This could take awhile

I absolutely love my new wheel I spun up 1/4 lb of this lovely blue merino and thought “How lovely would it be to ply this with a brown?” The idea sounded amazing in my mind, however I don’t have a lot of brown… Continue Reading “This could take awhile”

Here we go again

Well folks, I know I said this would be a q&a, however I had no questions and at the moment I’m rather grateful for that.  Two days ago I went out to eat at a place I’ve never eaten at before and I’ve never… Continue Reading “Here we go again”

Food allergies

A long time ago, back before my husband and I started dating, back to those high school days where we were mere best friends, I found out that he was deathly allergic to peanuts. Now I love peanut butter, but for him I avoid… Continue Reading “Food allergies”