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Three years

I started this king size blanket three years ago next month, I’m on my 5th cake of yarn and yes while it is going slowly, I was very happy with my work Two days ago Toph said something that made me question what I… Continue Reading “Three years”

Playing hooky

Monday has been put on the back burner, I am taking the day off from life to work on Christmas presents during the daylight hours. After my post about trying to find the perfect present for my Minecraft loving 8 year old boy, I… Continue Reading “Playing hooky”

In good times and bad

For the good times fabric carefully chosen the search for the perfect pattern hours of cutting And piecing together (almost finished) To be gifted to a friend on her big day And the bad Moments of sadness, the heartbreaking rush to finish a blanket… Continue Reading “In good times and bad”

11 days

& 2,216 yards of yarn. Not exactly the best picture, it is indeed finished & has been gifted to the young woman for who it was intended. Not as big as I had intended, I had to run out to get more yarn few… Continue Reading “11 days”