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The wheel isn’t turning

And that is because my spinning wheel broke today, I am hoping that it is an easy fix because I was in the middle of plying this gorgeous romney I blended together. I have been having so much fun blending batts lately, I wanted… Continue Reading “The wheel isn’t turning”

Is a vacation really a vacation, when your kids wake up before 7…every single day?!

After a long week away, a four hour drive home, & a power outage due to storms, I am finally able to put pen to paper…errr fingers to iPad screen. When I left off we had gotten two new babies, Old English Bantam Roos.… Continue Reading “Is a vacation really a vacation, when your kids wake up before 7…every single day?!”

Well, I’m getting SOME stuff done.

I didn’t finish carding all my wool, I could place blame on ten different things but really, I got burnt out. It’s okay though, I spent about an hour yesterday cleaning the drum carder and I wasn’t about to get it dirty again after… Continue Reading “Well, I’m getting SOME stuff done.”

Carding frenzy

That’s a whole lot of llama! One of the ladies in the guild was given llama, she wasn’t going to use it and offered it up to whomever was interested. Lorraine (kromski wheel), dropped this off at my house earlier this evening and it… Continue Reading “Carding frenzy”

Washing wool

When I started my blog over a year ago (the first year is on blog.com), I figured making my own clothes would entail buying fabric or yarn at the store and making items. if your goal is take make your own clothes, you’re not… Continue Reading “Washing wool”

Oh Mother Nature

Mother Nature and I have always lived in harmony together. When I was a young girl, I grew up deep in the woods of Maine on a 40 acre farm. I would listen to the symphony of birds singing together, watch the squirrels &… Continue Reading “Oh Mother Nature”