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I have hardly picked up a hook or knitting needle this week, my kids were on spring vacation (did I mention we are no longer homeschooling?! We have FANTASTIC school here), so we were busy doing other things such as:    Cleaning up the… Continue Reading “Babies “

Birthdays and Moving days

Last week my baby turned SIX   Insanity right?? He’s now starting to read small books and spell words and do one digit addition. Holy moly!! We celebrated a day early and he went on his merry way with his sister to spend the… Continue Reading “Birthdays and Moving days”


We have 14 days until closing (well maybe sooner now that the house is cleared out), I’ve been busy packing up our lives, hopefully for the final time. Never having lived in the same house for five consecutive years in a row, this is… Continue Reading “Soon”


After months of waiting to be able to purchase my domain name, and a week of dealing with code, knowing that some of my readers weren’t able to find me (my views went down drastically from 15 a day to maybe 1 if I… Continue Reading “Yay”


I now have an 8 year old, WOW, where did time go?! Lorelai has many interests, but she is really enjoying her time in her ballet class, while she is enjoying her time, she is also put holes in her tights. So an idea… Continue Reading “Eight”

It’s curtains for you!

Or for me maybe.  We have a street light that shines into our room at night, very annoying, it makes it hard to sleep at two am. So I made a curtain (will make the other some time) I was a little lazy about… Continue Reading “It’s curtains for you!”