I have hardly picked up a hook or knitting needle this week, my kids were on spring vacation (did I mention we are no longer homeschooling?! We have FANTASTIC school here), so we were busy doing other things such as:

Cleaning up the leaves and cutting back the old lavender

Enjoying flowers

Baking a cake for YaYa’s birthday (natural food coloring doesn’t make the most vibrant colors, but we don’t mind)

Enjoying sunsets

….and oh yes

Picking up our first set (of many) babies ❤ six chickens and four turkeys

Oh and here is the outcome of the small amount of time I did manage to get something done

Have a great night folks!

Birthdays and Moving days

Last week my baby turned SIX

Insanity right?? He’s now starting to read small books and spell words and do one digit addition. Holy moly!!

We celebrated a day early and he went on his merry way with his sister to spend the weekend at his grandparents house while Toph and I finished packing up the house.

We made a quick job of packing the uhaul and scrubbing the old house clean, loaded up the critters and headed on out. 

Everyone say “bye old house” 

We have been in our new house since Sunday night, we are mostly unpacked…. My craftroom will most likely be the last room unboxed

I’ve been getting a little help from the organizing queen.

You might have noticed something in that top picture, something I didn’t previously have (because I sure the heck would have posted something about it.)

That’s right folks!! Thanks to the sellers who left this for me, I am now the proud owner of a second spinning wheel. 

It appears to have the original flyer, I did a little research and it appears that this wheel was made by a wheelwright named Jeremie Ouellet, who was from Canada. I need to read up on it more…..and buy a drive band….and test it out lol.

Moose has made a new friend since moving to our new home

This is Amy, she is sweet, cuddly, and friendly. She lives down the road and comes by to visit every morning.

We are very excited to be starting this new venture, we’ve been walking around the fields, envisioning what critters will go where, where we will have our garden, how many chicken wagons we will build, and what breed of sheep we will get 😉. 

Mostly, I am looking forward to canning all the yummy veggies and fruits we will be growing (did I mention we have three kinds of fruit trees, grape vines, raspberry bushes, and ever so many blueberry bushes?), I already found the perfect place for storing our canned goods

Have a great night folks!


We have 14 days until closing (well maybe sooner now that the house is cleared out), I’ve been busy packing up our lives, hopefully for the final time. Never having lived in the same house for five consecutive years in a row, this is a big milestone.

The summer clothes have been packed away for sometime, the mornings are cold here (we had frost yesterday), and there is talk of snow this weekend. Wish I had more time to write, I’ll be lucky if I finish Lorelai’s costume before Halloween or even Leif’s Hobbes, his birthday is also their last day of school before we move. 

Tomorrow I get the day off from packing to head back over to work with the great Carol Felice to learn about making herbal medicines! I’ll take plenty of pictures!

Not sure what the point of this post is lol I just wanted to pop in and say “hi”. So hey, hi, how are you?!
Have a great day folks!!


After months of waiting to be able to purchase my domain name, and a week of dealing with code, knowing that some of my readers weren’t able to find me (my views went down drastically from 15 a day to maybe 1 if I am lucky), I am now back!!! No more nope, I’m all .com!!

Happy Birthday to me! (Literally, I’ll be thirty one in one minute)
Have a nice night folks!!


I now have an 8 year old, WOW, where did time go?!

Lorelai has many interests, but she is really enjoying her time in her ballet class, while she is enjoying her time, she is also put holes in her tights.

So an idea came to me the other week, why continue to throw money away on tights, when I can make her some leg warmers. I searched for ballet leg warmers and didn’t really find a pattern that caught my eye. Then I started searching for ballet knitting charts, leg warmers seem easy enough, if it is the basic knit stitch.

I came across this chart on Pinterest


I have no idea who created this chart, but you are awesome.

It started off slowly, as I got a touch of the flu while working on the first leg warmer, I knew I was truly sick when the sight of yarn made my nauseous :-/

But after I started to feel better, the leg warmer really took off!


The first leg warmer was completed Friday night, I posted it to the Fiber Artists and Yarn Spinners Facebook page, and as it currently has 235 likes, I figured I had to share the patterns with you all here.

I used five 5.0 mm double pointed needles.

Cast on 40 stitches on four needles (10 per needle)
Knit one, purl one for ten rows
That is when I started the chart, however I cropped the chart a little


When working with the two different pinks, I used the Fair Isle technique, doing the woven stitch on every other stitch.

I switched up the chart when it got to the neck, it seemed to thin, so instead of one light pink stitch for the neck I did three, which of course changed the rest of the chart, adding extra dark pink on each side of the head.

I am hoping to have the second leg warmer finished by Tuesday.

Have a great day folks!!

It’s curtains for you!

Or for me maybe. 

We have a street light that shines into our room at night, very annoying, it makes it hard to sleep at two am. So I made a curtain (will make the other some time)


I was a little lazy about it….I didn’t really feel like sewing, and honestly hemming anything is a nightmare for me. So I searched high and low in my craft room for some iron-on-tape, then the iron, and then spent 15 minutes thinking about how I was going to do this (first time curtain maker).


Using an adhesive tape is awesome, I’m very impressed…who knows, maybe I’ll buy stock in it.


All done! Toph has requested that I turn the one, into two…I guess I can do that….I’ll just have to go back to the store and buy more tape….which means I’ll look at patterns…and then fabric…It’s a downward spiral and I have yet to seek treatment.

I also cleaned my craft room today (after two cups of coffee), while doing so I came across the long lost Bartók Tunik


I figured if I put the sweater on my dress form I would have no choice but to finish it soon. Reason being is that I need my dress form, so I either need to finish the sleeves, or sew the shoulders up. It’s still all up in the air.

Lorelai is turning SEVEN tomorrow, WOW!!!!!!! Where have the years gone?! It seems like only yesterday that I was in labor with her, then she arrived after 24.5 hours of labor, followed by a emergency c-section.


She’s really into my little pony right now, so that was the theme of the cake. Gluten free chocolate cake and all natural vegetable food coloring (the red is made of beet juice YUM).


Have a great weekend folks!