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The wheel isn’t turning

And that is because my spinning wheel broke today, I am hoping that it is an easy fix because I was in the middle of plying this gorgeous romney I blended together. I have been having so much fun blending batts lately, I wanted… Continue Reading “The wheel isn’t turning”


Happy blogiversary!!! Yes folks, it has been a year since I moved my blog over from blogspot to WordPress, and while I didn’t exactly stick with making my clothes for a whole year, the intentions were good and you folks keep coming back so… Continue Reading “Blogiversary!”

Busy as a bee

We have been busy around here folks, I’ve been cleaning (with one hand), making sure everything was spotless, it seems every time I finish with one room there is a little boy following along making a mess. We also had a massacre occur sigh,… Continue Reading “Busy as a bee”


Well my friends, I am sad that I have to write this, but we’ve decided to butcher some of our birds and re-home the rest. In the last week we’ve had issues with foxes, a fisher cat, one of our neighbors saw a bobcat… Continue Reading “Surrender”

Guard duty

Half an hour after my last post, the sun came out and I thought to myself Thank you Mother Nature, I’m glad we can still be friends. I gathered my carders and bundle of wool, headed out doors and decided to card a few… Continue Reading “Guard duty”