Well the bachelorette party has come and gone and I can now share with you the goodies I made,

12 house scarf book marks, no pattern.
All wrapped in gold paper and pulled from this sorting hat, which also doubles as a wedding decoration for the movie themed wedding.

On the tables for the bridal shower I made these
The vases turned out much harder than I expected, so I was very glad to get to the shower to find that they turned out beautifully!

Now I know that doesn't seem like a whole lot, but that was my secret summer project. Meanwhile old projects have now made their way to my Etsy shop

and we are now moving on to harvesting yummy foods from our garden
peas are drying for next years planting.
Don't let the one crate of zucchini fool you, we have hundreds of zucchini, many still waiting to be picked.

We've also been picking potatoes, pole beans, tomatoes, and eggplant. This week the fall garden will go in and we are all eagerly awaiting the ripening of the watermelon, cantaloupe, & pumpkins.

I've gone from working outside from sun up to sun down, to canning into the evening.

We do have 50 new short term additions to the farm

We sold all but 15 of the meat birds this year, so we decided to get one more batch in before the snow arrives. For the first time ever we are not brooding chicks inside the house, which I think we are all happy about. No mess, no smell, no dust.

Have a great day folks!

Sewing time is upon us

The thing about sewing is, is that it is faster then knitting….unless you procrastinate of course…which you’ve been doing. I’ve have three dresses that I need to have finished before August, one needs to be finished before May, and I still have a knitting project that needs to be finished by next month.

I figured maybe if my readers could keep me on track, I might get the dresses finished by April.


The first dress is for my Jane Austen themed 30th birthday party


I’m anxious about this dress, because unlike the others, I cannot just go to a dress store and find a regency style dress at a good price. Not going to happen my friends.

The next dress is for the bachelorette party, I don’t want the to spoil the activities for the bride, so I’ll just say we’re all wearing dresses (I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda gal). I’m planning on making this dress a little longer then what the picture shows and I’m torn about the open sides yikes!!

This dress is for the dinner rehearsal, I’m going to combine the patterns and well…here’s hoping.

In fluffy news, I caved and bought regular food coloring today and dyed some silk

I messed with the colors too much and the purple, green, & blue I was hoping for…well

Hey it could be pretty…right…

And finally, I am almost half done with the Min Ulla


Have a great night folks!