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Sheep and Gardens

Don’t get too excited, it isn’t what you think. Believe me when I say, that I want this title to be about my very own sheep. Alas, the sheep in which my title refers is to all the beautiful sheep that I saw Mother’s… Continue Reading “Sheep and Gardens”


I was going to write an entry about the up and coming craft fair, I was going to post pictures of all the things I’ve actually finished for the fair, and I was going to post about my excitement. Sadly now I come to… Continue Reading “Pets”

Fuzzy babies

The cold front has passed and we have been enjoying the warm sunshine. Catching frogs, singing with the birds, and running in the sprinklers. From sun up till dinner time, we enjoy the smells of wild spring flowers floating around the air, the green… Continue Reading “Fuzzy babies”

Meet Jellybean….errrr Carrick

We live on a small little 8 acre farm, we have several gardens, a cat, a dog, 19 feathered friends, and my beautiful french english angora rabbit (for those who didn’t already know) I got my little bunny Jellybean almost a month ago See… Continue Reading “Meet Jellybean….errrr Carrick”