When it rains, it pours.

It seems every time I think I will get on a roll with things, life has other plans. This is the first time I feel like I have been able to sit and just be.

There were videos I started to record, they are waiting to be edited. There isn’t much content however, so much has gone on in the last four weeks, I didn’t feel right posting it in a video. I tend to ramble and say too much. It’s basically just farm content.

I will share a few things here, though I won’t add detail. I just want you to know what has been going on. While I have big dreams of peaceful farm life with my family, it doesn’t always happen how we want it.

Four weeks ago today, Toph was involved in an accident with Runa. He was riding the dirt bike and she ran into him. While Runa is just fine (confirmed by the vet), Toph has a broken collarbone and has been laid up in the living room recovering.

While in my big dreams, my children help out in the garden and with the animals. Reality is more of me taking care of the animals and breaking up fights every 5-10 minutes. So sadly my garden is a hot mess these days.

Two weeks ago a cousin passed away, we are still waiting for find out the cause. It was very unexpected and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

Last week my nephew passed away after a long battle with cancer. It had been a almost ten year battle, but it still came as a shock. I had only known this nephew for a year and he left a big impression on me.

I haven’t really felt like I have had much time to get a grip on everything going on, it’s like a dominos effect, before you can get used to a new normal the next one falls.

At this time all I can do continue to focus on what’s going on here at the farm and continue to tackle the garden and figure out a way to keep my kids happy.

They are 10 & 13 now and they are kids dealing with not being able to see friends, not able to do the normal summer routine.

I think the entire world is having a rough time of it right now, I just want to say I am thinking of everyone. I hope you are all safe and healthy.

Also before I go, this one I feel is important at all times. Please teach your kids to cover their mouths when they cough. Leif and I both have comprised immune systems, however the grocery shopping is currently on me right now with Toph out of commission. This past Wednesday an unmasked teenager came up to me at the grocery store and coughed on me.

It’s just plain rude & disgusting in normal times, let alone right now. Let’s teach our kids better.

Have a great day folks, until next time.

Here, there, everywhere

I’m doing something a little different today. I started a Vlog, sometimes I have so much I want to say but due to sheer laziness, it has to sit in my head until I eventually forget what it is I wanted to write. So I thought, why not vlog?

I thought I would share with you my first vlog, I’m certain I will always add them here, but what I’m not certain of is how long will I keep vlogging for. I’m not good on camera 😂 but I am trying to break out of my shell a little.

CroKnitSewSocial Vlog 1

Hopefully I can become more comfortable behind camera, learn to edit, and next time have better lighting. I hope you enjoy my first vlog episode, all my rambling, tongue ties stumbling, and just general awkwardness 😂

Have A Great Day Folks!

New Friends and Birthdays

Recently Ragnar the Rooster made his way into our flock of chickens, not in the usual way of hatching, arriving as a chick, or being purchased. No, one day he arrived via box left at the end of our property. I have been wanting a new Roo for awhile, a protector for our girls and as it was hard to get new birds this past spring, I wanted to be able to hatch chicks of our own.

Ragnar is incredibly sweet, appears to be a young Easter egger. To whomever dropped him off, thank you. We can hold him without fuss and he is very friendly. This could have gone a different way.

We may have other new friends soon, as we found wild turkey eggs in the middle of our front yard one afternoon, no sign of a wild turkey anywhere. We hunted all around to return these eggs to the nest but had no luck.

Having no idea how to return them to their mother, we have stuck them under our broody Beauty, who yes once again has a desire to become a mother hen. Maybe she will get her wish. Before doing this we checked the laws, I had no desire to get into trouble of wild turkey eggs. However, thankfully no law has been broken and I really did not want to toss the eggs.

We have two birthdays this month, not human form but furbabies.

Ailey is reaching her 9th year. Her birthday is in two days.

This goofy girl will be two on the 29th. Runa has started to hit the “teen years” for sure. Chewing the (electric) chicken fence, digging holes, and ignoring commands. Sigh we will get there, she was far too perfect in behavior and temperament up until now, I should have known 😂

Everyday the garden grows a little more. The rows of potatoes, corn, popcorn, squashes, and root vegetables are looking amazing. Tomatoes this year…well not so much. We are in a drought and have to be careful with watering. Rain appears often in the forecast, but we have seen very little of it this year.

Today however, today looks gloomy. There are dark clouds overhead an the weather app is still showing a storm 🤞 Perfect day to stay inside and work on a project.

Or two, providing my new knitting needles arrive today. While I generally have no issue with these wooden circular knitting needles that came cheap in a bundle, they don’t do so well when more than one strand of yarn is involved 🤷🏻‍♀️

Have a great day folks!

Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance. – Nathan Rutstein

The World

While my hands are better and are now able to function normally without pain, my heart is broken for the world.

Broken for all those affected by the virus. We ourselves have had family who have had the virus and been sick. Friends who family members who have been sick with the virus. It hurts to see people make jokes about Covid-19 being a hoax, fake, saying only elderly people are at risk. Really? Do elderly people not count as people, someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent? Would it not hurt just as much to lose them?

It’s not just elderly people. People at all ages are at risk. My son for instance, is ten years old, he usually has several lung infections a year. He has asthma and a sunken chest. He won’t be able to attend school in the Fall should it open.

I am 36 years old, I have asthma and celiacs which is considered an autoimmune disease. I am at risk. We are not the only ones in this world with these health issues, please consider that. Even people without prior health issues have died.

Broken for the people who are told to shush, when they speak out and stand up for others. I have spoken up on social media platforms, I have lost friends and family. I am okay with that. If you chose to unfollow my blog after this then do be it but the fact of the matter is, you cannot just go around killing people.

This is a picture I found and shared on my Instagram and it speaks volumes.

I‘ve had people try to argue with me “oh if they weren’t doing anything wrong, they would not have been shot”. Don’t you just find that sad? Little girls have been shot while in their beds, these same people cannot answer me about what those little girls were doing wrong. You don’t just kill people. If people are committing a crime, arrest them and give them their day in court.

I’m not sorry for posting this because it’s truly how I feel. I was raised in a family where you judged someone based off their character, not the color of their skin. I went to a school with kids from all over the world, different races, sexualities, religious beliefs. Am I saying everyone got along? No I’m not, but any fights I witnessed or were big topics around the school was boys fighting over a girl or girls fighting over a boy.

I’m not sure what else to add here, other than don’t be on the wrong side of history. Love each other, educate each other, and instead of going out of your way to annoy each other, sit down and have a serious conversation. The name calling that has been going on, it hurts to see. there is no need for it.

Love you all, have a great week folks.

Farm days

WordPress changed the layout of the app, so bear with me whilst I, someone who is already not great with technology to begin with, someone who lives by the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” motto, once again try to figure out how to use the new set up.

Until then, enjoy pictures.

Happy a Sunday Folks!

And we wait

Recently I was glutened, we all know that that means. Little to no hands on activity until it works it’s way out my system. Blankets, sunglasses, lots of water, and a heating pad.

My recent projects have been moved from my eye sight, no use looking at something I won’t be able to work on…and naturally I had a few going on at once

Shawls have been my thing recently

The wool from my last dye project has been set aside with the rest of my wool just waiting for its time on my wheel.

Waiting for more seeds to popup, just waiting on the second set of onions now.

Admiring my daughters animal whisperer abilities

Watching goslings grow.

Have a great day folks!

Chirp Chirp Honk


The short term guests have arrived on the farm, 30 broilers and 3 geese…I suspect that at least one of the geese may end up as a long term resident, that is if the 13 year old in the house has anything to do with it.

For the first time ever someone in the house has gotten attached to a short term guest, I guess we will have to see how this turns house as the goose gets older.

I recently decorated the greenhouse in Shades of Autumn


Late one night I decided I just had to dye some romney wool I had been carding up. Almost half a pound to be exact. I went for a certain dye technique that did not work out at all but instead something else happened and you know why? I kinda like it!


I have all sorts of plans for Shades of Autumn, however I’m certain those plans will change 20 times while I continue to spin up the remaining wool on my bobbins to make way for this beautiful colorway.

For instance Poseidon and Atlantis here, I’m excited to ply these two together and see what happens. I picked up this lovely wool in Virginia last summer but there were only 4 oz of each so combining the two is a must.

For awhile now I’ve contemplated a new fiber art, one that is not new to me but one which I have not practiced in many years. While cleaning up my craft room a while back I noticed my older wheel sitting in the corner collecting dust, I cleaned it up and took pictures, and listed it for sale.

Oh I had some interest and an offer of $150 less than what I was asking that made my eyes pop out of my head. After awhile I de-listed it and decided to hold on to it for awhile.

By way of fate I found someone who was not only selling the one thing I had been looking to save up for, they wanted a spinning wheel for the trade.

That folks is how I ended up with this beauty that is still sitting in my garage until social distancing is over when I can find someone to help Toph and myself carry it into my craft room


I’m so excited to start weaving and creating beautiful items. I’ve been watching videos on making fabric and cutting that fabric to make clothes. Oh I cannot wait!

Have a great week folks!!

What day is it?

I’m certain I am not the only one wondering this, my children aren’t doing school work which means it must be the weekend, but what day? All the days seem to be melding together and like most people we have not been leaving the farm.

With two jobs lost this month (Myself first and then Toph) and both kids homeschooling, we are trying to live as normally as possible for their sake. Trying to keep in touch with family and friends via phone, email, and a tiny bit of Instagram here and there.

Coffee dates now happen over facetime and we try to keep up with the news without letting it overwhelm us.

We lounge around on cold rainy days


and watch seeds pop up


I’ve been playing with my new cricut



and tackling wool from last years sheep and wool festival


I have two tubs of romney among the several other tubs of shetland, alpaca, coopworth, finn, angora, corriedale, cotswold, and well whatever else I have. All needing to be combed, carded, maybe dyed, and spun up.

Projects have been finished (Half an hour ago)


and we are all just trying to keep ourselves cherry and look forward to the future. We continue to keep the world in our thoughts during this crazy time and hope that this will soon be over.

Stay Safe Folks!

Shades of Summer

Sometimes I wonder how it is I can find the focus and concentration to continue on with one project and yet not another. I have things I have been working on for years as you all very well know, things that I am so excited about and yet cannot for the life of me finish them.

While other things I start are so addicting to work on that I simply cannot stop


For instance this Shades of Summer dress. I started less than a month ago, last week I was unsure about the colors matching but continued to go with it. The dress pattern is for sizes 3 months to 6T, hardly big enough for the young one it was intended for. I continued on even when the top seemed like it was going to be too big, fighting the urge to frog the whole thing and start over on smaller needles.

I continued even when I ran on out of the lovely yarn for the skirt color (The yarn is older than the person this dress was intended for and I really am on a yarn ban you know), I simply found a color that would suit.


Here we are, finished yesterday while the excited 7 year old stood at my shoulder “How many more minutes Auntie?” she would ask. The top was indeed too big but nothing a quick crochet belt couldn’t fix.

Everyone was happy with the outcome and now it is time to move on to a vest for her little brother, orange per his request.

I can’t believe I am saying this but I am glad for melting snow and springs arrival, don’t get me wrong I do love the snow but I am looking forward to the transformation on my craft room. The woodpile for some reason has taken over my place of relaxation this winter and it has really made it a pain to be in there. Lots of things had to be moved and there is clutter everywhere.

When the snow melts and the ground is dry we will be moving the remaining wood outside and moving the makeshift wood holder back into the unused portion of the basement. With that gone I will regain 30 sqft, that is a LOT of room. Pictures can go back up, tables back in their rightful places, the dresser will go now that I have made a huge dent in my yarn stash ( I can see the wall on the yarn shelf you guys!!!). The bookshelf will be moved so I can finally plug in my sewing machine.

Though it wont just be my sewing machine I will be plugging in, I made a purchase this weekend, one that will help with my sewing. I truly hate cutting patterns, I would sew more if I didn’t have to do this, I had the circut air explore 2 but it did not cut non bonded fabric and really was growing dust. So I made the decision to put it up for sale and it was gone quickly. Less than 24 hours later I had upgraded


Say hello to my new friend. The Maker is what I needed and I have already used it to cut several pieces of fabric. Yes friends, this will help me, as long as the patterns don’t exceed 12″ x 24″ after that well I’ll just pull up my big girl pants and cut away I guess. I don’t mind cutting the big fabric pieces anyway but a million little ones are draining and hmmm I wonder if that is why I lose interest quickly.

Have a great week folks!




Switching over

A majority of my posts are written on an ipad, which would be all fine and dandy if I had a good bluetooth keyboard. Alas, the one we have is old and gross and the keys stick. So it between using the screen keyboard and the battery life, the idea of sitting down and writing a post is sometimes something I dread.

However I have managed to remember my password and now here I am writing to you from Toph’s old work laptop. It’s fast and sleek and I love to hear the clicking of the keys on the keyboard.

I have recently discovered that I am a fan of making things for little ones. While my little ones are now 10 & 13 and no longer fans of moms homemade items, both of my best friends have little ones that still enjoy the knit and crocheted gifts from their auntie.

Recently I made a pair of baby booties and a sweater for the little one my best friend welcomed at the beginning of the year.


It made me realize quickly that I needed to buy an assortment of wooden buttons, because I will absolutely be making this sweater again. It worked up fast and I’m sure had my husband not introduced me to Stardew Valley well…it would have been finished faster.

The girls have started their own business making soaps, scrubs, and bath bombs. Once a name is settled up I will post an etsy link. Here are a few of the lovely soaps they have recently made


Last year for home schooling I had them start their own business, with their profit of $85 and a little funding from myself, they put it all into supplies and have already made some money back!

I am still working on the socks Griffin Socks, slowly but surely I am on repeat round 2 of 3 of the chart and I started making a dress for my other best friends 7 year old.


Here’s hoping the rest of the dress goes smoothly, the patterns had some weird bumps along the way so I switched things up a bit.


Have a great weekend folks!