Pattern etiquette 

Today I want to talk to you all about pattern etiquette. I recently made a couple of these hats and today I posted this hat in a group that I am in 

And I have to tell you because I have seen this before, I was pretty horrified by the first comment. “Pattern?”

Listen folks, I didn’t need a compliment, but a please would have been nice. If you can squeeze a please in, I am more than willing to give you the link to the pattern I used to make this hat. 

I’d be pretty ashamed of myself for being so damn rude, if that is how I asked for a pattern.

So if you are one of those “pattern?” people, start adding a “please” in there, maybe even a “Will you please share the pattern” and my response would be “Gladly, I got this pattern from the beautiful Nadia Faud over at YARNutopia” she has fantastic patterns over there, go check her out. 

As I tell my kids, manners will get you places, being rude will get you nowhere.

Now as I said I’ve been working on a couple of these hats, I have ears & tassels to finish but they have been quick and fun

I’m housebound today so finishing them should take no time 

Have a great day folks & remember to use your manners.

Food allergies

A long time ago, back before my husband and I started dating, back to those high school days where we were mere best friends, I found out that he was deathly allergic to peanuts. Now I love peanut butter, but for him I avoid it, he’s had too many hospital trips for eating items that were mislabeled. Sorry peanut butter I loved you, but I love my husband more.

With people who have reactions to foods right away, like my husband, most people tend to be careful about foods they offer.
Now there are a long list of other food allergies, some that take awhile to kick in…Leif once ate frogs legs *shudders*, took a little while but then he was covered from head to toe in hives.

For me it’s gluten, I have Celiacs. While the reaction isn’t instantaneous or immediately life threatening, it is still something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. People don’t take me seriously, “you don’t look sick” or “it’s all in your head” or ” you didn’t get sick as a child”.

This week I was (I’m hoping by accident) told the food I was consuming was gluten free, it was not. I want to give you all an insight on what it feels like to go through a gluten attack.

Let’s start with the head first shall we? For me it starts off like a cramping in my temples, at first it’s dull and achy, & then becomes sharper. While I’ve never had my head stuck in a vice, nor been kicked by steel toed boots, I can’t help but refer to those two actions, as how my head has felt since this past Tuesday, combined with a freight train constantly rushing through your head. Sunglasses help slightly, but even when taking a pain reliever, it is not enough.

Now we will move on to some gross stuff, yep that’s right I’m going there, diarrhea. Because who doesn’t like having to stay near a toilet or stop every fifteen minutes when away from the house running errands that have been put off for far too long. Me that’s who, myself & every single person out there. It’s not in anyway shape or form, how I want to be spending my time.

Then there is the nausea & sometimes the inability to keep food down. Let’s combine these with the previous symptom and man what a party that must be :-/

I’ve also got exhaustion going on. I used to go to bed at 10 and get up at 5:30-6:00, these last few days I’m lucky to hit 10 and I’ve been rolling out of bed at 7:30-8. I’m too tired to do anything, everyone is on their last pair of clean underwear, I’m just a lump.

This last one is the worst, pain in the joints. My ankles and my back are inflamed, my arms & legs feel achy, but my hands and fingers….I can’t even knit or crochet, it’s truly not a pleasant feeling.

On the outside I may not “look sick”…even though I’ve basically been camped in my chair for half the week, but this is a case of “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. Toph and the kids have been helping a lot, but it’s depressing that I can’t do everything I normally do. The worst part is that I have no idea how long this is going to last.
What I’m saying here folks is this, if someone tells you that they have a food allergy, whether you believe them or not. You really ought to respect them enough to

A. Make sure if you offer them food, that food does not contain any of what it is they are allergic to. People shouldn’t have to play twenty questions with people they trust.

B. Don’t get all offended if they bring their own food, we aren’t trying to be jerks, we are trying to be polite.

C. Don’t try and chalk up a persons reaction to it being something else. We know what’s wrong with us, it’s for us and our doctor to decide, not you.

D. Not all food allergies were created equally. Different foods, different people, different reactions.

Now this post was brought to you by anti inflammatories & extra strength pain relievers. Be respectful, be kind, and when it doubt, do your research.
Have a nice day folks.

Luck of the draw

It’s been awhile, I’m a jerk I know. Honestly I don’t know how other bloggers find the time to blog every day, I’m lucky if I can get a post in every week. Thank you for tolerating my lack of posts. 

So the powerball, woo wee what a rush. I usually never buy lottery tickets, but I was feeling lucky last week so I bought a few and you know what?! I won $14 how about that. I picked my own numbers and the first time I picked them I screwed up and thought “hey, maybe it was a lucky screw up”, so then I wrote them all out correctly and did another pick your own and  then let the computer pick. The first ticket I screwed up and the second ticket each had THREE of the numbers. I’m going to take that $14 and buy some baby chicks. I’m wild, I know lol. That’ll probably be the end of my powerball playing though.
The snow is finally here and with it comes new adventures. Lorelai is part of a ski program that happens once a week, I’ve signed up to be a volunteer and I’m actually having a lot of fun. First we tried cross country but there was a lot of falling, so we have switched to snow shoe. Just three kids in the group, myself, and another lady. We have also been snowshoeing on our property, where we have been finding a lot of tracks. 


No idea what this print is right here, I’ve never seen it before and for all I know an animal could have picked up its foot and set it back down again giving us six toes lol.

We have had a lot of deer action on the farm lately, chewing on the trees, the hedges outside our living room window, down by our brush pile. I found a deer bed while snowshoeing with Moose yesterday 

 Lorelai and I aren’t the only ones who have been testing out winter sports, Leif decided to give cross country skiing a try the other day, the skis are way to big but he enjoyed himself 

I did a little exploring this weekend, our property has two houses, the house we live in, and then an old house that is filled with black mold and needs to be gutted. I don’t often go into the other house because of the mold and when I have gone in, it is generally for five minutes at a time. It’s like a museum in there with all the items that have been left behind  

THIS was something I was not expecting, it was hidden away in a corner under old curtains, no idea if it works or not, but wow! A nice piece of history I’d say! I probably won’t go back in until spring when we gut the place, I hate to do it but it is a big hazard and it has to happen in order to make it not toxic.
Okay it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for (I think?!) craft time 🎉

Here are a few things I’ve been working on since the last time I posted

I FINALLY made a sock, my first successful sock!!! I am so excited & proud! 

I made a mitten, hoping to make a second after I finish Lorelai’s birthday present

I made a scarf! No pattern either! I just kind of did my own thing ( does this count as my first pattern?!) 

And I am currently working on a mermaid blanket which I am hoping to have finished by Saturday in time for Lorelai’s birthday party, her last year in the single digits (don’t mind that tear on my check I have allergies….)
Have a great day folks, see you next week….maybe 😉

Tubular stitching

Today I want to talk about tubular stitching and why I cannot for the life of me, find a tutorial on this subject. I can find tubular cast on, I can find tubular bind off, but I cannot find tubular stitch. Get with the program Internet.

There is a project I started years ago, when I got the very first Jane Austen Knits, it was a beautiful short stay

I love the look and it would look great with just about anything. Of course back then I got stuck on, you guessed, tubular stitching. So I decided instead to do and i-cord and in the end said f%}# it and focused on something else, because the i-cord stitch and I didn’t get along back then. That is until the other day when I decided to have another go.

I searched and searched for tubular stitching and found zip, zilch, zero. Then my brain said “hey, try this” and “this” worked and I photographed “this” to show you how I sort of figured out how to do a tubular stitch. 

So today, I bring to you a (maybe, possibly but hey it works) tubular stitch… would be the time to take a bathroom break or get something to eat or drink, there are a lot of pictures. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Ready?! Good!! Let us get started shall we.

Ok, so I’m using bulky yarn and who knows what size needles, but anything will do. These are just easier to see. So you will be using three double pointed knitting needles.

Cast on three stitches, and then do three kf&b (knit front and back). You don’t know this stitch?! Don’t worry, I have you covered!

Knit the first stitch, but do not lift the yarn off of your left needle.

  Instead take your right needle and go through the back of the yarn, and knit again. 
So now I have four stitches, I’m going to KF&b twice more and when finished, there will be six stitches total

Tada, it’s like magic. 

So here comes the hard trick part

Let’s call our needles A. B. & C. Needle A has all the stitches on it. Now you needle to knit 1 stitch onto needle b.

Then you need to pick up needle C

And knit a stitch onto it.  

So bring the yarn in between needle b and c

Because if you do it like this  

 That’s going to turn out all funky and it won’t look right at all. So no, bring the yarn between and knit another stitch onto needle b and another on needle c, and b & c again until you have this

It’s going to take a few tries, the needles will slip, you may get frustrated, and you may swear and that is okay. You may also get it the first time and if you do, you are my new hero.

So here comes the easy part, now it is like knitting in the round…sort of.

So by now needle a has nothing on it, so go ahead and knit all of the stitches off of needle b (or whichever needle has the working yarn), then when that needle has nothing on it, knit all the stitches off the next needle (stitch markers are great here by the way). And keep going and going until you reached your desired length

Now this looks the same on both sides

Here is the actual project when I started  

 See, front, side, and back all look nice and clean. When I finish it, I’ll come back and tell you how to bind off.

Now you can also do an i-cord.

With the i-cord you could either cast on three and do the kf&b three times or you could cast on six sitches. This requires only two double pointed needles.

Now knit all the stitches

Don’t turn the work,  you want to slide these stitches down to the other end of the needle 


Bring the working yarn up and knit the stitches onto the next needle and repeat.


  Back (not pulled tightly).
I hope that this tutorial works well for you! 

Have a great day folks!!

Canine treats and fun with hats!

Folks, today I’d like start off telling you about a new business a dear friend of mine started up, Canine Confections. Cat and her now husband adopted a puppy named Rommel awhile back, and she recently started making homemade dog treats. We ordered two pounds of the pumpkin piggies, and Moose just loves them!

He loves them so much, that while normally he will sit still for treats, he starts running around in circles as soon as he sees the Good Dog bag!
If you have a special canine in your life, I highly suggest ordering some of these all natural, inexpensive treats!!
(I did not get paid for this review, I just wanted to share a truly awesome product that my dog gives two paws up!!

Well folks, it’s true, crochet is much faster for me than knitting, in fact I have finished two more hats and I have two more that I should be finished with my Friday!!


I made this Minnie Mouse hat as a birthday present for my niece’s second birthday! (Thank you to my bosom friend Ethel for the pictures), my niece is going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween and her little brother is going to be Mickey, his hat is one I should have done by Friday!
You can find the pattern to this hat over at
Repeat Crafter Me

I also finished an adult size Anna hat for a friend who expressed interest in one

This hat took a little longer then expected, crochet makes my knuckles inflamed a lot more than knitting, but I worked through it!
You can find the pattern for this hat over at Rick a bam boo

I also have Lorelai’s Elsa hat/wig to finish this week! I bought a few pretty buttons to give it a little extra something!

We have had rain for the last week, with maybe two days of sunshine, on Sunday we went spent a semi rainy day town hunting (hunting for a town we want to buy a house in), and it was so surprising to go from our house where all leaves have fallen off the trees, to southern NH where the trees are covered with leaves! We are actually supposed to have our first snowfall this weekend!!
As much as I love this town and the early snow, we need to live in an area that has a longer growing season for veggies and hay. Hopefully we’ll find something that we love!

During yesterday’s rainy day, in between lessons, I managed to wash some of my Romney wool that I purchased in the spring, I washed it three times with blue dawn dish soap, and then rinsed with plain water three more times. I heated to the water up to 150 degrees on the stove (my water heater won’t turn up any higher than 120).

Before the first wash^

This morning, still wet

Some of the wool already dry.

This Romney feels soft and looks beautiful! I can’t wait to spin it up this winter!

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween folks!!

Peanut wear

My hand is still out of whack, a little better, yet I am still unable to do things that require it’s usage…unless you know it has to do with canning food and in that case it’s a pretty easy task.

Grape juice from my backyard

And ketchup yum!

As I am not able to getting any knitting, crocheting, or sewing done (I feel like breaking out my machine), I wanted to share with all of you the beautiful creations of a talented friend from one of the mom groups I am part of, who also happens to hail from my homestate!

These are some of the cutest kid aprons I have ever seen, if you head on over to her etsy page you’ll see that she not only sells aprons for kids, but also dresses, bibs, & so much more!
Peanut Wear
Her creations are fun & colorful without having to break the bank (fashion week could learn a thing or two here!)

Head on over and discover all the cute items!!

Have a great day folks!