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Getting ready

My sewing machine is in the shop, naturally I am upset about this because it was a horrible April fools trick for my machine to play on me. It had been working so well, I brought home two quilt kits to work on this… Continue Reading “Getting ready”

Quick 9 patch quilt

   I was able to attend quilting yesterday and I am happy to say that not only was I able to attend the entire day, I was able to make a quilt! Thankfully my father in law recently fixed my sewing machine, so I… Continue Reading “Quick 9 patch quilt”

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around

Hello from the warmth of my blanket cave It is has been very, very cold here as of late ( -20 anyone?!), even with the heat on a pellet stove running, we’ve had a hard time getting the house to warm up above 63… Continue Reading “Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around”

Oh dear

Sometimes we all have bad day, sometimes when you are having a particularly bad day, you should set all craft items aside…or you will end up having to make an whole new top for the dress you have been working on. Yes my friends,… Continue Reading “Oh dear”

Mommy had a meltdown.

Mommy lost her mind, but only for a minute.

Everything changes

Well my friends two things have come to an end the last two days, and there are two more things that will be ending this week. First, I finished my Jane Austen dress with some slight modifications Appearances can be deceiving, I swear both… Continue Reading “Everything changes”

The silver lining

Today was the day, I had planned to finish my regency dress so I could move on to the next dress. All I had left to do was to cut out the lining for the front and back skirt, and stitch everything together. Well….it’s… Continue Reading “The silver lining”