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Spinning, knitting, & crochet.

Snow Day

After enjoying a day in Maine yesterday at the Magic of Christmas symphony,  we were greeted this morning with half a foot of beautiful snow. The kids have been enjoying their snow day reading, knitting, and working on their snow day school work, while… Continue Reading “Snow Day”

Third times the charm 

It’s all good

We are now in the process of putting the greenhouse up on our property, a nice warm home for the animals fix winter.  There are a lot of rocks up here on our part of New England, we should sell them 😉 A lot… Continue Reading “It’s all good”

Picture entry

We’ve spent the last week dismantling a greenhouse by day and I’ve been crocheting in the evening. Real update soon. 

When the kids are away, Mom will crochet!

Well this is new, I don’t usually get the chance to sit down at my computer and write out an entry. Usually I update from my ipad and that update usually takes a good 6-7 hours to complete, between kids, and animals, and whatever… Continue Reading “When the kids are away, Mom will crochet!”

An egg an egg

​​ Yes folks, one of the backyard hens, is finally laying eggs! We’ve gotten three so far We are very happy about this, one more thing to knock off the grocery list and I will tell you I am very grateful for that. We have… Continue Reading “An egg an egg”

Craft fair fun

Today was the day of the long awaited craft fair and boy did we have fun! As of last night I had 8 skeins of yarn Not as many hats as I was hoping to have done, but I didn’t sell them all anyway… Continue Reading “Craft fair fun”

Making headway

I’m happy to say that even though I have been having issues with pain in my hands and my ball winder calling it quits, I’m back on track!  I was able to untangle and save most of the Seawool today  Finished spinning and plying… Continue Reading “Making headway”


…..polo You know the drill I’ve been busy, I’m always busy, what’s new?! We have been digging in the garden, putting in plants only to have the wind destroy half of them 😭 (Picture courtesy of my MIL) Some of us have already harvested… Continue Reading “Marco”

Chirp chirp chirp

The days have been sunny and warm (95 😳) these last few days (normal temps for New Hampshire in May are in the high 60’s), we have been soaking up the sun, playing with birds, & getting our hands dirty. We had half an acre… Continue Reading “Chirp chirp chirp”