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Spinning, knitting, & crochet.


The snow is melting. I’m most certain that I am one of the unpopular people who is sad about it, but to be fair, this week was the first time all winter that the snow has been wet enough to build snowmen and extremely… Continue Reading “Adventures”

And we’re done

After 8 weeks of crocheting, piecing, and sewing The plaid moose loveys are finally finished and in their new homes This was a challenging project, they were delivered on Valentine’s Day and I can tell you, my hands still hurt. I’ve had a request… Continue Reading “And we’re done”


As the days have shifted once more from 40 degrees down to -1, I find my self spending less time in my basement craft room and more time in the living room, we all seem to congregate here at different times of the day.… Continue Reading “Focus”

Ten days to go

8 blankets finished An assortment of parts to be sewn together (more to come im hardly finished here) And a small handful of snowy days to be spent inside by a warm fire. Happy February ❤️ Have a great day folks!

The de-stash continues

This project has been fun to work on, not all hats are getting finished but that’s what snowstorms and power outages are for right? To lounge around after chores are done. We have certainly have had our far share of snow storms and power… Continue Reading “The de-stash continues”

Hats and squares

Here are days 3,4, & 5 I have also managed to finish another lovey blanket I sure hope everyone is doing okay after the big storm that just happened. I’m seeing a lot of damage on the news and a friend’s Facebook feeds and… Continue Reading “Hats and squares”

🎶 It’s the final count down

Here we are, the last few days before Christmas and I’ve managed to finish one blanket (almost, it needs to be blocked) And the second blanket, believe it or not is working up fast. I have 39 rows left to go, after I will… Continue Reading “🎶 It’s the final count down”

Playing hooky

Monday has been put on the back burner, I am taking the day off from life to work on Christmas presents during the daylight hours. After my post about trying to find the perfect present for my Minecraft loving 8 year old boy, I… Continue Reading “Playing hooky”

The house of many projects

The yard has been cleaned up, the greenhouse prepared, and the animals are currently freaking out about the blanket of snow falling softly to the ground. It is as if they have never before seen snow…ok to be fair not all of them have,… Continue Reading “The house of many projects”

Heat wave

Hi there *wipes sweat off brow* Fall has taken off on us, decided it wasn’t ready to be here just yet. Which has really not worked out too well when it comes to harvesting food, my basement is abnormally warm thanks to the high… Continue Reading “Heat wave”