What season is it?

The weather has been very confused this month (Welcome to New England). We had 80 degrees one day, then a few days later we got half a foot of snow

I’m not sure who was impressed less, the chickens or Soot

I’m not sure many other people got snow, our house is located up higher than most of the people who live in our town. So while four other houses on my road had snow, as you got to the bottom of the hill, there was rain and nothing else. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the snow day but I have lots of flowers popping up in the greenhouse

And by lots of flowers, I mean Honeywort. Yes I have popping up that do not grow in the zone we are living in, yet here they are, thriving and getting taller everyday…they are the ONLY seeds that have popped.

We took advantage of the warm, yet windy weather we had this weekend by planting some of our trees that arrived from Fedco Trees.

We added more apple & peach trees, as well as blueberry & elderberry bushes.

Later this afternoon we will be planting walnut trees and the first five balsam fir trees for our little Christmas tree area. We plan to add 5 trees each year. I can’t wait to decorate Christmas trees from our own property…I wont like, I will probably decorate them as they grow because that’s just how I roll.

Along with the trees that are currently outside, I have some trees I have started inside and impatiently waiting for them to grow and be ready for planting outside. Some will grow here, others wont but it was fun to experiment. The inside plants include: 1 Nutmeg , 5 Hazelnut, 5 Pistachio, 10 flowering Almond (sadly I wasn’t paying attention here, they wont produce almonds, but will be pretty just the same), and 20 Jacaranda trees. I also have wisteria and climbing roses started & dozens of different types of flowers just waiting till they can put put in the ground.

While I impatiently wait for the planting season to get here I will continue on with the many projects i have going on, I am almost finished with the second strip for the blanket I am making for my brother in laws wedding.

Cross your fingers for warmer weather, I have a couple dozen egg layers and meat birds headed our way, as well as some piglets, and of course as always there may or may not be sheep, but really who knows.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week folks! What are your spring plans?

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