The wedding quilt

I finished a thing or two recently. First being the long awaited quilt that was to be a wedding gift for my best friend…the one who just celebrated her three year wedding anniversary

For the most part it was finished, then..well let’s be real, my mental health went down hill. The death of my grandmother and then my big dna surprise, followed by everything from my childhood catching back up with me and my cptsd diagnosed, I sunk into depression. I won’t say I’m 100% better, but look the binding is finally on and it’s finally finished. It’s been washed, dried, and arrived at my best friends house this afternoon!

Along with this hat for her young son, it didn’t turn out like the picture in the knitting pattern, but it he loves it.

This was worked on last weekend while we were without power, like many other people in New England

Snow started at our house around 9 am Saturday morning, while it was raining in the rest of my town. So while my neighbors ended up with 2-3 inches of snow well…

We were blessed with a bit more. Not that it bothered me one bit 😉

I have two more blankets to finish before Christmas, nothing crazy I’m just adding ribbon to fleece blankets as edging. That’s about as crazy as I am going to get. I also have another project I just started, something I’ve never done before in my life.

I keep seeing rope baskets everywhere, I had seen some for sale online but the customer pictures did not impress me, so I decided it was time to attempt my own. I purchased 400 yards of cotton laundry rope and well, time will tell but I am hoping to make this big enough for all the living room blankets….then maybe I’ll make another for more yarn, because what not?!

Have a great weekend folks!!!

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