Just being

As winter nears we prepare for snow, garlic planted, hoses and fencing put away and getting the winter coop ready for chickens and ducks.

Unfortunately this year we have had to take part of a day posting the property. We have no problem with hunting, but sadly this year has been huge for people treating our property poorly. Partying in our fields, leaving trash behind.

We had signs up that were ripped down, while waiting for new ones to arrive we experienced a whole new level of disrespect. A hunter parked right on our front lawn, right behind the treehouse. Claiming a neighbor told him it was okay. People like that ruin it for everyone. If you are hunting on someone else’s land, please be respectful, ask permission.

Ailey has a love/hate relationship with Soot, some days she will play with him or allow him to lay next to her (as you can see, this clearly makes him happy) other days, it’s a no go.

I’ve been digging into the binders given to me by my sister, reading old letters and looking at pictures. Including this one of my great grandmother

And a picture of my grandfather

And then my biological father

So many pictures to see, so much new family history to catch up on.

Hope you all have a SAFE and wonderful week! Have a great evening folks!

Also I apologize for any typos, I got glutened last night and the brain fog has kicked in and my hands do not want to cooperate. Celiacs for the win 😭

One Comment on “Just being

  1. I’m sorry that people can’t be respectful of other’s properties, especially considering that you’re kindly letting them hunt around it. I’m stunned as to what people do with notice of others. Is that due to poor manners? Bad education? Egoism?
    Beautiful old pictures, I imagine it must be a bitter-sweet experience to go through them? I have some boxes to peruse myself, at some point
    The gluten symptoms are too familiar, I also got a swollen due to my recent disregard for forbidden foods… We are what we eat
    Take care and keep safe. I hope the silly people stop being obnoxious on your property

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