Here, there, everywhere

I’m doing something a little different today. I started a Vlog, sometimes I have so much I want to say but due to sheer laziness, it has to sit in my head until I eventually forget what it is I wanted to write. So I thought, why not vlog?

I thought I would share with you my first vlog, I’m certain I will always add them here, but what I’m not certain of is how long will I keep vlogging for. I’m not good on camera 😂 but I am trying to break out of my shell a little.

CroKnitSewSocial Vlog 1

Hopefully I can become more comfortable behind camera, learn to edit, and next time have better lighting. I hope you enjoy my first vlog episode, all my rambling, tongue ties stumbling, and just general awkwardness 😂

Have A Great Day Folks!

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