Story time

Let me share with you this tragic comedy that I have been dealing with this year. We usually order laying hens at the end of the winter and brood them inside our breezeway, unlike last year, we opted out of the “buy 50 meat birds, get 50 Rhode Island Red roosters free”deal. I’m not sure how many of you have ever butchered a rooster, but it is hard work. So this year we said no and I knew that unlike last year, I would not get to pick a lucky rooster to protect my girls.

Around the beginning of summer one of last years hens went broody, though we tried we could not break her of it & in the end got several fertile eggs from a friend, which resulted in these cuties

I hoped that one would turn out to be a rooster, I always wanted an Easter egger rooster.

While I waited for the first signs of this, it became apparent that one of the black australorps was indeed a rooster, fantastic it is what I wanted….then it happened, one of my Easter egger hens crowed. Oh two roosters, okay not so bad, more protection for my girls. BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Enter, The Colonel

Oh yes my friends, a second Easter egger rooster. I was thrilled but not long after that it was determined that one of my babies was also indeed a rooster. There comes a time in every farmers life when they have to pick which animal stays and which goes. Obviously the first Easter egger hen/roo had to leave, he bit the head of one of my babies and had always been a bully, so it was a no brainer. The second choice was harder, I had waited for a beautiful Easter egger like The Colonel, but I loved the black australorp as well. Unfortunately the decision was made and before I could change my mind, that was the end of Jari (the BA).

So one would think that was the end of this tale….but then Juliet….crowed last week.

Yes friends, while Ragnar looks the part, Juliet is also a rooster. Four out of five roosters turned out to be Easter eggers, of course now it has been decided that I can only keep one. Ragnar is staying, just by sheer luck of him being the first Rooster hatched out on the farm.

The Colonel will not meet the same fate as the first two roosters, he is leaving tomorrow to enjoy farm life at the home of my best friend. Juliet however is in need of a home, so if you are looking for a rooster and live in southern Maine/Eastern New Hampshire drop me a note.

That folks is the end of my tale…unless another hen should crow. Have a great week!

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