When the kids are away, Mom will crochet!

Well this is new, I don’t usually get the chance to sit down at my computer and write out an entry. Usually I update from my ipad and that update usually takes a good 6-7 hours to complete, between kids, and animals, and whatever else happens to stop me.

However folks, school is in session & animals have all been taken care of. I thought hey, why not sit at an actual keyboard, update the look, & I’m sure some of my affiliates (Pattern works —>) will be happy that I am no longer cringing when I see promotion emails, because now I actually have the time to put the links up!!

I had the craft fair last Saturday and while I was more prepared this time, we didn’t have a lot of foot traffic, but you know what, I got to spend the day with my BFF so I am okay with that. I met new people, got some leads, & made several more items while sitting there.


It was just a fun day altogether, these are a couple items I finished & made while there, I have to give credit to my friend for weaving in all the ends to my Slytherin style scarf


These items are still with me, though not for long as they will be headed to our local village store next week (hopefully with matching gloves or mittens)

17 years ago when my paternal Grandma passed away, I inherited two large tubs of yarn. I didn’t know what to do with it. At 15 I had yet to learn how to knit and I could only crochet a rope…3 years later I was given a skein of yarn and a “learn how to knit” kit from my maternal Grandparents for Christmas. Although it took youtube & the internet to help me figure out how figure out how to do more that knitting a scarf, I credit all my grandparents for giving me these tools to learn these skills. Bet you all never thought I would take it this far…if I sit around knitting & crocheting all day well…it’s your fault 😛

This weekend my father his the big one, that number that gets him discounts that everyone is envious of (don’t lie, you know you would go to the movies more often if you had a discount).

He will be 65 and I wasn’t sure what to get him, in years past I’ve gotten him books (sometimes the same one over and over again. because I forget), one year we even got him a tablet which is still uses to kick my butt at Words with friends. This year however I wanted to make him something. So I perused my craft-room and found some of my grandmas yarn.

IMG_1015This scarf used an entire skein and a little of the second.


Can you believe the prices on this yarn?!

Now these are two different kinds of yarn, the first was purchased at Kmart for about $3.75, the tag said Fishermens wool, though it was blend of wool and acrylic. I’m finding it a pain to upload pictures right now on the computer so I will upload a picture of the label from my ipad later).

I am hoping to make a hat to go with the scarf, my dad lives in the city & he walks or takes the bus everywhere. I’m hoping these will help keep him warm during this upcoming cold and snowy winter.

Have a great day folks!

(Hey that only took an hour, not bad considering I’m using a split keyboard!)

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