Check yourself

So I hate having to post this stuff, I think I posted a similar story a few years ago but as my blog views have doubled since my first craft fair where I had cards with my blog address on it, I am hoping that perhaps the person who this concerns reads my blog.

Heading home this morning around 8:50 after a quick visit to the school, I was on the road that is adjacent to my own, probably about a mile and a half from my house. The car in the opposite direction started slowly moving over to my side of the road, I almost went into the ditch avoiding this car before the driver finally pulled back into her own lane. 

She was close enough that I could see her head look up right before she turned her car back into her own lane . She was texting and driving. 

If you text and drive here is the thing, you risk the chance of seriously injuring or killing someone else or seriously injuring or killing yourself. It won’t be just one person you are hurting either, all the family & friends of either yourself or the person you hit will also be affected. Or maybe nothing will happen at all, but why risk it?!

Please don’t be selfish, put your phones away while you are driving, the text you are sending or receiving isn’t worth it.
Thank you. 

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